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De Blob Walkthrough 43: Hanging Gardens Part 1

Updated on March 30, 2009

Of course, there is nothing to do in the first area here but paint around the entrance pool.  The First Challenge is right there for you.  Fortunately, painting the area green is easy, since there are blue and yellow paintbots all around you.   The real tricky part is killing the Elite Inkies, who are conveniently green. 

The Second Challenge will be readily available to you.  You should probably fill up with over 50 green paint points before you go on the Z-pads, but this is not necessary, as bigger yellow and blue paintbots are located nearby.  You should definitely take the time to trash the guards.  This is the First Landmark, and it will make all the surrounding ink into water. 

You may notice how a new challenge open that is nearby, but you should avoid it for now.  Instead, take the Z-pads back to where you were.  You will see the Third Challenge ready for you.  This is another take out the Inkies challenge that isn’t too hard.  You probably want to get the First Billboard and Second Billboard while you take out the Inkies with guns, and then use the yellow paintbot to splat all the Inkies below. 

There are two marker challenges, but don’t deal with them now.  Instead, let’s color in some buildings.  Start with the one with the billboards.  The First Style is located on a round silo and crossing a bridge of pipes will help you get it.  You should be able to color the building next to it in this section and get the First Raydian Batch for a total of 8.

Go back to the entrance pool, and start working around the corners.  You should be able to get the Third Billboard, and paint this section here.  You can free the Second Raydian Batch for a total of 16. 

You might notice the Second Style on top of one of the buildings in the corner.  You will have to jump up to the top of a nearby building to get to it.  You might be able to get the Fourth Billboard and the Fifth Billboard as well, even though you might have to hop up to the top of another building again.  You can at least free the Third Raydian Batch for a total of 24. 

Now, the building where you found the first and second billboards is tricky to paint, because there is so much attached to it.  Just keep going, and you will get the Fourth Raydian Batch for a total of 32.  This will also release the Fifth Raydian Batch for a total of 40.  The Sixth Billboard is also here. 


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