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De Blob Walkthrough 45: Hanging Gardens Part 3

Updated on March 30, 2009

Go ahead and go to the next challenge, which is on a silo itself, around its mid-section.  The Twelfth Challenge will be about painting some silos orange, and it isn’t too difficult. 

The Thirteenth Challenge is a little harder.  You need to paint an area yellow, green, and blue.  It is difficult to do this without doubling back.  The best way I found is start out doing the top green.  There is some blue and yellow there for that.  Do the rest blue as there is a paintbot here for that.  Go down and to the rest of the yellow area.  That should do it.  The Sixth Style is located in between some spikes on a tower, so make certain to get it. 

If you follow these silos and pipes, you will come to a tube.  You should take the tube, even though it will lead you back to an area that you’ve been to before.  I realize this is going back to go forward, but if you had taken this challenge earlier, you would have missed the Abyss entirely.  Go on and take the Fourteenth Challenge, and this will lead you back to the area where you were before. 

Go ahead and take the tube back, and completely paint the building that you are on. You will find the Eighth Billboard.  Go on the rooftops of the warehouses on the side, and you will find the Ninth Billboard and Tenth Billboard on the rooftops as well.  You will also free the Seventh Raydian Batch for a total of 56. 

You will find that underneath some pipeworks, barely seeable, is the Seventh Style.  Then Eleventh Billboard is here too.  Go and get them both.

There are some Inkies with guns guarding the entrance.  You could take them out if you wanted to.  I believe that there is nothing to do but use the Skull Switch to clear a way to the gate entrance, and enter into the Second Area.

Second Area

The Fifteenth Challenge is right before you, hitting a police station with 50 brown points.  I found it was a lot easier to use the paintbots to get brown, and then just make a break for the station.  This is the Third Landmark. You can kill the Inkies there later. 

The Sixteenth Challenge will be open to you, on the top of a small silo.  Now, you will need to take out some turrets and Inky guards by the gate.  This is pretty tricky, and you need to use the Z-pad just to get to them.  Once you take out the two turrets, the rest is pretty easy.  By the way, you can grab the Twelfth Billboard and Eighth Style in this high place before getting rid of the enemies. 


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