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De Blob Walkthrough 62: Lake Raydia Part 2

Updated on March 30, 2009

Go ahead and go to the end of the dock, and take the Fourth Challenge.  This again is very easy, just make your way to the end using Z-targeting and swinging the Wiimote at the proper time. 

The Fifth Challenge will be waiting right there for you.  It is all about transforming a container ship. There is a turret here, and that is a problem.  You will need 50 paint points to color this Third Landmark

The Sixth Challenge is waiting right here.  All you need to do is go down below the deck and color in about 24 Raydians.  This is the First Raydian Batch, and the only one. 

You will come up to a place with a turret cannon, and you might want to take it out.  You should probably take out all of the Elite Inkies in this area as well.  Make certain to get the Second Billboard while you are here. 

Go ahead and take a Z-pad up to the top of one of the cranes, and then turn around and hop to another one.  You can get to a crane that has two Inkies and the Fourth Style

You may notice that on another crane is the Fifth Style.  You have to leap to it and target one of the heavy Inkies.  This is really the only way to get there, and if you defeat the Inkies up there without getting the Style, then you will never get this style, sorry.  It is very difficult to get this style, and it was the bane of my existence for a while. 

This goes for the Trees on a nearby island.  There isn’t any way to get to this island without washing off all the paint until the water.  If you use the paint tank, you can go into the water without the paint washing off.   There are 4 of these trees on one island and 1 on another island.  Paint these, and this will give you a Tree Total of 26. 

In the meantime, go up to the other Z-pad to the crane, cross the pipes and get to the top of another crane.  You should probably sticky slide down the left side and get the Sixth Style.  You will need to hop back and do this again. 

By the way, be sure to get the Blimp while you are here.  The best way is to get it as it passes the cranes.

Hope down to the container below, and then to the next one.  You can then go to a ring of boats that will take you to the Z-pad necessary to get to the spaceship. 


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    • profile image

      Herc 6 years ago

      It would've been useful to state that the trees, billboards, blimp and raydians awards can only be obtained here. On the next section of the level, there's no returning to get these things. If you want the styles and 100% painted awards, you should only board the spaceship with 50% painted and 6/13 styles.