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De Blob Walkthrough 63: Lake Raydia Part 3, The Spaceship, and Sinking Feeling

Updated on March 30, 2009

Take the paintbots that you have here, and go to the nearest Z-pad.  Keep working those Z-pads until you come to a ramp.  Go underneath the ramp and get the Seventh Style.  Go up the ramp from there and take on the fuel tanks that you must free. 

The red one is the Fourth Landmark.  Go ahead and set it free, and then use the Skull Switch to get over to the other side. You will then have to do the orange one for the Fifth Landmark.  The Skull Switch will deactivate the wall, which is how you do your sticky jump to get across.  You can then undo the Sixth Landmark with yellow paint points, and you will find the Eighth Style there.  If you keep going this way instead of up the ramp, you will find the Ninth Style here as well.

Go up the ramp, take out the Inkies, and open up the First Gate. 

You will then go down to another area where you need to drop some more giant fuel tanks of color.  The first is the blue for the Seventh Landmark.  You will need to use the Skull Switch, but only the center one works.  Careful there.  Go ahead and take out the Eighth Landmark with blue paint points.  Also be careful when hoping over the electrical pads here.  There is a purple one in this next area that will be the Ninth Landmark.  Go ahead and take the Z-pad, but load up on the yellow, you will need it. 

You will need to take out the engines, and you will note that the Tenth Style and Eleventh Style are here.  Warning!  Get the Tenth Style before transforming the Landmark. Go ahead and convert the Tenth Landmark of the engine with the yellow paint points, and get the Twelfth Style here on the tip. 

Make your way across the bottom level of the ship, making certain that you get the Thirteenth Style along the way.  It is where some giant paint cans fell. 

Final Boss

Make your way up to the gate. Here you will need to face the final boss.  You want to be green here.  Take down the green posts, and you then you will need to shake in his face. 

The next stage will be other colors.  My advice is to take down the like colors first.  So you can take out the orange, then the purple, or vice versa.  Make certain that you have all the paint points you need, as it is easy to lose them.  Get the time after you shake the big bad guy each time too. 

In the end, you will be given the First Transforms, and this will end the game.   

Sinking Feeling

The first area is easy.  Get the blue, and the swim over and get the blue and red to get the next landmark. 

Don’t swim, instead, use the walls to get around to certain pads. Don’t stay too long on the pads, but just get the paintbot and do a sticky jump on the walls. 

Fill up the yellow landmark, then follow your compass to fill the next one with green. 

Go and then fill the next one with blue. 

This is difficult, and involves a lot of bouncing around, and there isn’t much time. 


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