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De Blob Walkthrough 7: Uptown, Part 1

Updated on March 29, 2009

The first thing you need to do is trounce some Inkys this can be difficult, as they don’t go down easily.  Just be certain you are on the ground when you target and smash them. When all four are cleared, you get a time bonus. 

By the way, you will free the First Raydian when you do this.  In this level, the Raydians are not only in the buildings, but they tend to hang around on the street.  I’ll try to tell you about them as I go, but sometimes they show up when you are cleaning up one of the “Batches”. One Raydian down, 236 left to go. 

Go ahead and color everything there, and go to the First Challenge.  All you need to do is jump on some ships in order to paint them blue. 

Get that Life Pickup while you are at it.  Also, you might want to paint a few trees in this area for a Tree Total of 3. 

Go up the ramp and you will need to stop by the blue challenge thing.  The First Style is at this corner. Take on the Second Challenge, and it is a set of marker flares.  Just follow them and you will succeed. 

Before you go on to take the next challenge, you probably will have painted this building.  This is the First Raydian Batch, and you should have a total of 10 by this point.  There is usually 8 Raydians to a building block, and you pass 1 along the way at this point.   

As for the Third Challenge, it is all about taking out Inkies.  Take out all of them and move on.  If you get hit by one, there is some water in the center to get rid of the ink.  You will notice that when you finish, there will be some challenges open.  I believe that this is the first time in this game that this occurs. 

There is about eight trees in this area.  Go ahead and color them, and you will have a Tree Total of 11 so far. 

Go ahead and go to the green challenge arrow here.  The Fourth Challenge is to paint a block electric yellow.  Fortunately, it is easily found, and the challenge is easily dealt with.  Why not get the Second Raydian Batch while you are at it, and bring your total up to 18.  

Go back to the Gold Challenge Arrow where the Green one was.  Take it, and then you will have the First Landmark.  Find the 30 Blue Points, and it is a piece of cake for the Fifth Challenge.


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