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Dead By Daylight: Saw Chapter

Updated on January 30, 2018
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Jennifer Branton is a nerd by trade most often writing about books and video games. She has a BA in Journalism from Lewis University

Killer Co-Op

Like many other co-op survival games that have graced Steam and consoles in recent years, Dead By Daylight has stayed near the front of the pack with their ever expandable chapters including some of the the most inspired horror movie villains.

In January, the game added Chapter Eight, centered around the Saw franchise, changing game mechanics to be based more around traps and choose your own fate concepts from the movies in adaption to the original co-op game play of repairing generators and keeping as many teammates as possible alive to evade the Big Bad and exit the stage. The enemy is played by another player who's job is to kill off as many of the players as possible and keep them from escape.

Similar games like Friday The 13th contain similar game play, but Dead By Daylight shines in the types of available enemies.


Several recent games have taken the same concept of one vs everyone else in a survival horror co-op setting.

Killer Instinct

Where above mentioned Friday The 13th took their killers variety from a neat feature of unlocking all the movies in the franchise's version of Jason Voorhees, Dead By Daylight is remarkable in their types of killers and the setting where each stage takes place.

Where the objective remains the same to gather the players and hang them on hooks throughout the stage and hang them for the Entity to consume their life force before all the generators are repaired, each killer- eleven in all with the newest installment of The Pig, how each killer operates in the game in completely different and when playing as the killer making use of their unique movements, powers, weaponry, and abilities is key to being the ultimate hunter throughout dark settings and repeating imagery.

Each killer has it's own abilities and unique weaponry so knowing as much about the character is the key to finding the ultimate killer that fits each level or amount of players on each stage.

Killers and Company

Somewhat standard in their killer variety, Dead By Daylight has thought of just about every nightmaresque killer type to aide in the body count. Each with their own actual name and killer nickname such as Trapper, Huntress, and Cannibal, those that were not a copyrighted character like the uses of Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, it it pretty easy to see where other characters drew their inspiration.

There is your Leatherface type wielding his chainsaw, The Mad Scientist/Doctor, and a few women that all seem to depict some sort of siren by singing and using motherly hushes to stalk their prey.

The use of sound in the game is particularly brilliant as players really can't see much around them and are using audio cues in the game to tell if the killer or other players are near before they can actually see them on the map. Knowing what type of noise or weapon a killer uses can be part of that before they are actually close enough to hear the breathing or heartbeat of another player. With weapons like the chainsaw, it gives players much more notice when the Leatherface type character is running up on them in case they had missed some other indicator.

Most killers have a signature weapon as well that is tied into their use of abilities or perks, though two in particular can use paranormal abilities to do their dirty deeds.

When a player is caught in any manner they do have the chance to struggle free before or while on the hook and can be even rescued by another player on their team although keeping someone else alive comes at great risk to wasting healing items and being killed yourself. A player can also try to pull themselves off the hook and sometimes it works but too much damage to a player will kill them pretty quickly or injure them too badly to run away if the killer is still close by. Without a heal from another player on their team, it normally doesn't play out too well- unless their is someone on the team willing to be the sacrificial lamb so everyone else can keep working on generators and gain an exit.

Each killer also has their own list of perks that can be unlocked during game play used to ensnare their prey.

So what does The Pig bring to the table?


The Pig

Jigsaw from the Saw franchise was a brilliant sort of psychopath who never really killed any of his victims. Instead after his diagnosis of cancer and the death of his child in the womb after his wife was attacked while working a nurse by a drug addled patient at a methadone clinic, John instead gave his victims to the chance to be born again. He felt his method of tough love was a blessing and and that through teaching them to overcome their the limitations of their mortality, as Jigsaw, John was giving them a great gift.

One of his first survivors, Amanda Young, was a gifted apprentice that had briefly turned her life around teaching others how to "Play the Game", but after a doctor could not save John from his fate at the hands of the disease, Amanda and some of the other apprentices became a little unhinged and went against the Jigsaw teachings creating games that were cruel and unwinnable that taught the victim nothing about overcoming and finding inner strength.

Amanda was often the one to kidnap others using the disguise of The Pig, whom is which she plays in Dead By Daylight.

Chapter Eight, just recently released this week hasn't given players much time to unlock and discuss everything that can be unlocked as The Pig but we do know from Let's Plays on Youtube and streaming Twitch, that Amanda true to the movie nature is cold and calculating as ever.

We know one of the players in the chapter is police officer that was back on the Jigsaw case, close to some of the story line of the Saw movies, and that it seems the usual weapons seen in traps are there including the famous reverse bear trap thing that John had used on Amanda during her own test that would break your jaw if not able to get it off in time. The Pig can attack with a blade and other weapons it seems and the players instead of their sole mission being to restart generators and get out of the stage, devices from the Saw franchise must be disabled to keep moving forward in the stage or it will cause the players demise, giving The Pig an indirect kill.

Players must work as a team more than ever to defeat The Pig, having well timed starting of the generators and securing a way out before the Jigsaw traps go off. As it appears in game play, The Pig is constantly using surveillance familiar to the movie franchise, so outwitting her is a real challenge.

The latest killer to join Dead By Daylight looks to be a real challenge to those that have already mastered the game play.


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