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Dead Island: Character's Fury Skill & Speciality

Updated on September 13, 2011

Dead Island is an open-world first person video game that takes place on a tropical island called Banoi that is inhabited with infected zombies. The game can be played cooperatively with a total of 4 players. The game has role playing elements like the ability to level up your character. Choosing your character in Dead Island is a chose you must make wisely. Each character has different weapon specialty's and fury skills. The game will be easier if you use weapons that your character is good with.

Your character will level up by killing enemy zombies and completing quests. Weapons found in the game will also have levels. Only weapons that are lower or the same level as you can be used. Higher level weapons can be picked up, but can not be equipped until you reach that level.

Note that you can have the same characters in a cooperative game. For example, if you choose Sam B & your friend chooses Sam B, you will still be able to play together.

Playing Dead Island by yourself will include the other characters in cut scenes, but you will not have AI computer characters to help you. Dead Island is best played with other players because you will face large groups of zombies.

Dead Island Characters


Was a football star whose ego got the best of him. He was in a street race & crashed - killing the young woman passenger, and also damgaged his knee - putting an end to his football career.

Jack of All Trades
Fury Skill: Throws weapons very accurately and can take out multiple enemies at once. This skill is good for taking out large groups of zombies & especially tougher enemies that are hard to take on hand-to-hand

Weapon Specialty: Logan is good with throwing weapons


Sam B

A one-hit-wonder rap star whose fame is dwindling. Sam B had a bad history with drug and alcohol abuse when his private life was overtaken with fake friends.

The Tank
Fury Skill:
Sam B destroys everything in his path with his brass knuckles by performing powerful haymaker punches. This is great to use when you have many zombies attacking you at close range.

Weapon Specialty: Is good with blunt weapons like baseball bats, maces, axes etc.

Dead Island Characters (Cont.)

Xian Mei

A very intelligent woman who is an employee at the Royal Palm Resort. She wants to experience different cultures - the island of Banoi is the perfect place for her. She dreams of traveling the world.

The Assassin

Fury Skill: Uses her martial arts skills to dispose of enemies. She has a different style than Sam B, but it is similar in the fact that you must be close to enemies.
Weapon Specialty: Xian is good with sharp weapons like knives, machetes, scythes etc.



Was originally an officer for the Sydney Police Department. She lost her career for killing a child molester - he could not be stopped otherwise, due to his wealth and connections.

The Leader

Fury Skill: Uses her sidearm, even if she does not currently own one. She also regenerates herself and allies, by giving a strong boost to repair damage and other attributes.

Weapon Specialty: Guns. Includes Pistols, shotguns, assault rifles etc.


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      6 years ago

      Xian Mei is Asian

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      6 years ago

      Dude... Logan's white

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Can't choose a white or Asian guy?


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