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Dead Island: First Person Shooter Zombie Game! (For Xbox 360, Ps3, and PC)

Updated on September 11, 2011

Since 2007, there have been numerous zombie video game titles such as Dead Rising, Left for Dead 2, and other variants. You would think the genre is getting overused, but Dead Island will be a whole new experience! Unlike other zombie games, this one has role playing game elements, has a beautiful open world environment, and promises to be a more realistic first person game. While Dead Rising was a sandbox type of game, it was not a first person shooter. As for Left for Dead, it may have been a first person shooter, but was very linear in nature, meaning you could not explore the world, it was just a set amount of levels.

Dead Island takes place on a fictional island called Banoi. This is a beautiful tropical environment where four survivors must survive against the hordes of the undead. Dead Island will be a cooperative game that allows you to play with up to four players. The player will have a chose to either be the leader, an assassin, tank, or jack of all trades.

Since Dead Island has role playing game elements, you will gain experience in combat. You can also gain experience by helping various survivors on the island. Each mission will vary in difficulty to very easy to very hard. Players will be able to choose new abilities and skills when they level up through a skill-tree system.

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Dead Island Zombie Game: Realistic Fiction

Dead Island will be more realistic in terms of how and where you will find weapons in the world. You can not buy weapons off the wall like you could on Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie maps. In Dead Island, weapons will be scarce, in particular, firearms like assault rifles and pistols. You will need to search for melee weapons like iron pipes, machetes, axes, and numerous improvised weapons scattered through the tropical island.Each of these weapons will have different strengths against the zombies. They will also have different ranges and durability. Some weapons may be weak, but might last longer, or vice versa. The weapons all have their own individual attack animations, so there will be a lot of variety.

Another feature of Dead Island is the ability to drive a number of vehicles in the game. What makes this part of the game realistic is not just how they handle, but how they are damaged. If you run over zombies and they hit the windshield, it will start to crack, and may even break. The window may get too difficult to see out of and you will actually have to break the damaged glass, so you can continue to drive with better visibility.

The zombies in Dead Island appear to be very horrific looking. They also sound scary as well. It does not look like there will be a ridiculously large amounts of zombies in the game all at once, like Left for Dead (as seen in gameplay videos of Dead Island), but the actual combat against the zombies will be more realistic, and overall, may be more fun against individual foes.

There also seems to be more powerful zombies like one contained in a straight jacket that will charge out at you. Dead Island looks like a promising zombie game. The graphics look amazing, the tropical island is beautiful, the game has an experience system, and the game is an open world environment that can be explored! On top of that, the game will be able to be played cooperatively with up to four players, which will make the experience that much better!


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    • profile image

      bullshit 6 years ago

      Co-Op my ass I bought this game so me and my sister can play it (cause her and I always play gory games like shooters and stuff toghether etc) and it would NOT allow us to play togheter it was only online NOT offline which is absolute BS games should have split screen co-op not this Xbox live bullshit!