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Dead Island PS3 Game Review

Updated on September 18, 2011

Dead Island A Video Game Review

Dead Island is a highly anticipated video game featuring lots of Zombies that you have to kill to survive in the game with an assortment of weapons like rusty spades, baseball bats with nails in it and wooden boat oars to bash those Zombies heads in. The trailer below is the early promotional trailer which doesn't reflect the actual gameplay of the game. The second trailer features proper screen shots of the game with some movie scenes thrown in there too.

For some reason the idea of a holiday carribean island over run with the living dead seems so cool and it is particularly when the games environment looks really detailed with realistic lighting and great island locations to explore and the Zombies are actual island holiday goers stilled dressed in their bikinis and Bermuda shorts infected by the Zombie virus.

The game uses the standard classic way of earning experience points every time you kill a zombie and you can earn extra XP points when you help other survivors within the games story and these XP points help you upgrade a level with your strength too as the game ticks along. The main aim of the game is to survive the Zombie onslaught and leave the island. Along the way you can hop in a car and run over some Zombies and knock em flying. So having said all this, the game is not for kids with all of it's violent and bloody entrails that get spilt all through the games progress.

Now of course like any game there are items to be found and picked up from money or energy drinks and snacks which help keep your stamina up. There are other different weapons too that range from normal sticks to sticks on fire and sticks with a circular saw attached on the end.

As the game was released players realised that the game had a bug which would wipe the saved data from the game and this is to be addressed in later releases through a patch of some sort, but with this minor flaw aside, the game provides hours of game play and some fun Zombie killing moments to slice and dice the evil dead. Additionally there is a co-op mode were you can play a game with others online to kill Zombies too, although not exactly on a Call Of Duty scale, but it's fun anyway!

If you are a fan of Zombies, then this game will be right up your street! or island!

A Strangely Sad Trailer Of Dead Island

Dead Island On The PS3

Dead Island on the Playstation 3
Dead Island on the Playstation 3

Actual Gameplay And Dead Island Graphics Trailer

Dead Island On The Playstation 3 - Buy It On Amazon

Dead Island Computer Game

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    • thelyricwriter profile image

      Richard Ricky Hale 6 years ago from West Virginia

      Voted up Waynet. A great review. I was thinking about getting it so thanks for the info.

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Cheers now! I like the game alot and it certainly passes the time away....just the saving game data bug is a bit frustrating though...

    • witchee1014 profile image

      Jen Baldwin 6 years ago from Joplin, MO

      i can't tell you how eager i am to get this game. thank you for the review. i can't wait to get this, you're awesome