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Dead Rising 3: Top 10 FAQs

Updated on May 3, 2014


Dead Rising 3 is a launch and exclusive title for the Xbox One. It was developed by Capcom Vancouver, the studio that is responsible the entire Dead Rising series. Like its predecessors, it belongs in survival horror genre where you have to kill tons of zombies (up to three times more!) which makes up all the fun. Although the story continues where it left off from Dead Rising 2, it features a new protagonist in the city of Los Perdidos. At the time of writing, the game has a Metascore of 78 on Metacritic based on 63 critics.

As Dead Rising 3 is published by Microsoft, it is unlikely to make it to other consoles such as the Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U. It is possible it will make its way to the PC soon once the period of exclusivity ends. Before you buy the game, check out the top 10 frequently asked questions about the game!


1. Do I need to play the previous games?

You will not have to play the previous Dead Rising games before embarking on Dead Rising 3. There are negligible plot references and zombie games have rather straightforward stories. The premise is simple, the outbreak began 10 years ago and here we are 10 years later in Dead Rising 3. Moreover, the game explains the history and setting rather well. In short, you can definitely play Dead Rising 3 without having played the other games in the series.

2. Is there a time limit?

Unfortunately, there is a time limit which is "7 days" in game time. Comparatively, you have more time to complete the game compared to the previous games in the series. And no, there aren't any free-play / free-roam / sandbox modes in Dead Rising 3.

"Nightmare" mode reduces this time limit to 3 days and "Overtime" mode doesn't extend the time limit, it just adds an additional (eighth) chapter. However, there is a 'unofficial' workaround. In the "Overtime" mode or Chapter 8, time is frozen until you start the first story mission/objective.

3. Is there a New Game Plus mode?

There is no official "New Game Plus" mode. You cannot find this option even after completing so do not go looking for it! However, every "new" game you start allows you to retain your stats, level blueprints and statues are carried over. Even weapons that you have deposited will still be present in the lockers.

Note: Not everything carries over to a new game. For example, missions and inventory (excluding lockers).

4. Can you solo Nightmare mode?

It is definitely possible to solo Nightmare mode even it can be slower. Even though the time limit is significantly shorter, the game length is not that long and should be much faster in a second play through. There are also safe houses throughout the game. A coop partner definitely makes the zombie plow easier though.

5. How many survivors or followers can you have?

You can have up to 5 survivors following you at any time. Even though the previous games allowed up to 8 survivors, the AI of your followers is supposedly better in Dead Rising 3.

6. How do I dismiss a survivor or follower?

The normal method to dismiss any survivors is by using the bulletin board at safe houses. Another method is, before they can hitch a ride on your vehicle, ride off and they will return to the safe house automatically after a few seconds.

If you are using Kinect, issue a voice command, asking the survivor to go to some point away from your player character. Walk away and when the distance widens, they will be dismissed to the safe house automatically.

7. What does the season pass contain?

The season pass grants access to all DLCs and add-on content, such as a car and an item pack. It is available for purchase now at $30. There are a total of 4 DLCs that feature new stuff such as missions, weapons and characters. The first DLC will be coming late January 2014.

Is it worth it then? You get to save $10 if you get the season pass early as each DLC will cost $10 for a grand total of $40.

8. How big is the size of the game world?

Dead Rising 3 is supposedly to have the largest open game world in the entire Dead Rising series. It is much bigger than the its first 2 predecessors combined. Despite that, it will feature zero loading time and more vehicles for a better experience in the vast world.


9. How is the SmartGlass content?

In my opinion, you are not missing out much for the minimum amount of content it provides. You do not get any exclusive stuff from it, although it does grant you access to locked military boxes all over the world. You get access to a map and can call in drone strikes (not as spectacular as i thought it would be). To prevent any spoilers, it also reveals something about a particular NPC in the game (but really nothing important, plot-wise).

10. What is the level cap?

Nick can reach a maximum of level 50 in the game. Despite the level cap, you can get more attribute points. The progress bar still moves and you get attribute points every time it is filled. You also get attribute points upon chapter completion for new games.


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