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Dead Space 3 walkthrough: Alien Artifacts

Updated on February 17, 2013

Actual aliens may not play a major role in Dead Space 3 until the end of the game, but their influence is felt throughout via Alien Artifacts. Their numbers spread throughout the hostile environment of Tau Volantis, these items grant a significant boon to anyone who can find all ten. Best get looking, Isaac.

Chapter Four

The first artifact is on the C.M.S. Greely, found as part of the optional mission of roughly the same name. You'll find it about halfway through the ship, in a room full of lab tables, frozen specimens and blue-lit wall sconces. Check these sconces for the artifact - it's in the one opposite the elevator.

Chapter Ten

The second artifact is located along the path of elevators and Unitologist encounters, shortly after a fight between Unitologists and Necromorphs. The artifact is sitting next to an elevator shortly after an encounter with a lone Unitologist soldier in a short cave.

Chapter Fourteen

The third artifact is in the Biology Laboratory. After opening up the Neurology Laboratory you'll find a lab filled with x-rays and odd experiments. The artifact is opposite the Rosetta slab at the rear of the Laboratory, sitting on a drum. Grab it before you do anything to the slab or you'll have to face off against a slew of Necromorphs to get it.

The fourth artifact is found in the Paleontology Sector, in the room crudely labelled 'The Zoo' that's filled with long-dead alien specimens. Look to the immediate right of the entrance to find the artifact sitting against the wall. There are Necromorphs when you come in, though if the artifact is the only thing you want you can probably sneak in and grab it without being seen.

Chapter Seventeen

The fifth artifact is found in the landing area at the very beginning of the chapter. Look near the ice blocks in the room with the Bench and the generator after you finish descending through the Research Silo.

The sixth artifact is found in the final optional mission site, Artifact Storage. Much of this mission is spent in zero-G, flitting up and down huge tubes, and the artifact is sitting in a wall niche opposite a walkway in the tube just before you reach the weapons' container. Kill the Necromorphs lining the walls of this tube or they'll make getting to the thing very annoying.

The seventh artifact is in the Alien Ruins. Proceed through the city until you come to a large, green-lit area with a massive alien statue in the middle. The artifact is to the left of the entrance, at the end of a short, darkened path.

Chapter Eighteen

The eighth artifact is in a small orange-lit arena that's filled with skittish block-jumping Necromorphs when you first enter, just beyond the entrance to the Alien Machine. Blast your way through the area, then activate your tracking system to find the path towards your next objective. The artifact is near the door out of here.

The ninth artifact is in the same area as the spinning tower puzzle and the Necromorph tentacles that try to slap you around. After you've completed the puzzle and there is no further danger, check the left side of the circular pathways to find the artifact against a piece of rubble.

Chapter Nineteen

The tenth and final artifact is located along the path to Blood Moon. Run through the collapsing world until you find an area with Necromorphs. Ahead are a pair of tentacles blocking your path. Opposite them, and down a hill, is the artifact. If you feel pressed for time, wait until you've killed the tentacles before you try for the artifact.

Successfully collecting all ten of these artifacts will net you a nifty prize indeed: the Alien Circuit Set. These Upgrade Circuits will almost certainly outclass what you already have, and can make the higher difficulty settings on Dead Space 3 much easier. You'll also unlock the 'Aliens' achievement and trophy to show off your prowess.


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