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Dead Space 3 walkthrough: EarthGov Artifacts

Updated on February 17, 2013

EarthGov has more or less fallen by the time of Dead Space 3, and already its legacy is being labelled an 'artifact'. No wonder, then, that you can find six EarthGov Artifacts spread throughout Dead Space 3, with a nice prize at the end of the hunt if you locate them all. Get looking!

Chapter One

The first artifact is on the road just outside Dredger Corp. After you use Stasis to slow down the cars, hunt around the area before climbing the ladder (and sparking the approach of Unitologists) to find the artifact. It's in a small divot left by one of the crashed cars, not far from where you step out.

Chapter Two

The second artifact is on the Eudora at the very beginning of the chapter. Before you enter the bridge, check down the long hallway with windows looking out on the pulsing blue of shock space. You'll find the artifact at the end. Make absolutely sure you check this hallway before entering the bridge - if you look afterwards the, uh, geography looks slightly different, and you won't find the artifact.

Chapter Four

The third artifact is in the Admiral's Quarters. Look near the fallen admiral himself and you'll find it on the floor nearby, opposite the wall with all the crazed scribbles and messages.

The fourth artifact is in the HMS Brusilov, a co-op only optional mission. It's located in a small storage room along with a bunch of containers. Look to the left of the doors whenever you enter a new room and you'll eventually come across it. It's very easy to miss this one, so be assiduous in your search.

Chapter Eleven

The fifth artifact is in the Archaeology Warehouse, another co-op mission. You'll find it near the end of the mission, shortly after you find the giant cache of items at the end. It's sitting on a shelf, not far from a bank of lit computer consoles.

Chapter Fourteen

The sixth and final artifact is in yet another co-op mission, Marker Containment, available via the Biology Laboratory. You'll find it at the top of a lift in an orange-lit, two-level room, at the end of a darkened catwalk.

A bit tough on those who don't have access to the co-op sections, but oh well. Grabbing all six of the EarthGov Artifacts will net you the EarthGov Circuit Set, which contains a bunch of high-grade Upgrade Circuits that will probably outclass what you can make at any point in the game. These can make playing Dead space 3 on higher difficulty levels, as well as properly tricking out secondary tools on your primary weapons, much easier.


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