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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Fifteen: Investigate the Supply Depot

Updated on February 8, 2013

(Note: This is another optional mission. You can skip it entirely if you like.)

Finally outfitted for the frigid temperatures of Tau Volantis, Isaac is off to the research station to find his buddies… or, perhaps, he's on his way elsewhere, to check out a Supply Depot that could come in very handy. Set Investigate the Supply Depot as your mission and delay what must be done as much as possible!

Head back through the third-to-last warm room and you'll find the Supply Depot - a spot where you'd previously been ambushed by Necromorphs. Use the Supply Depot Key to unlock the front door and head inside. In the initial vehicle bay you'll find a Bench, a Suit Kiosk, a recording, an elevator and a door. The elevator leads to a landing bay with a Bench, a Suit Kiosk, numerous items in lockers, an Electrocution Unit atop a vending machine, and a Skip that will take you to other areas… in the future. They're all locked for now.

Head back down the elevator and go through the door. Inside you'll be jumped by two Necromorphs. Use the door to your advantage, allowing one through while the other gets trapped. When they're both gone, check the room for a Text Log and bypass security at the rear of the room. (You know how it goes by now.) You'll come out in another vehicle bay. Check the top of the ladder for containers and go through the door.

In the next bay you'll be attacked by five Necromorphs. They're slow to start, so hang back and aim carefully. Only use Stasis if they chance to get close. Go through the door to your right, carry on through the next two icy rooms (the second has wall containers) and through the large door at the end. You'll come out in an odd lamp-lit bay. Play the recording, check the lockers, and try the door. You'll set off an alarm and bring a stream of Necromorphs into the room! Get back down into the bay so you have more room to move around and blow them to pieces as they appear. It's possible to get them stuck on items around the bay, so don't be afraid to move around.

The door will open normally when they're dead. Go through to the next hallway and you'll come out on catwalks. Go down the ladder and six or seven Necromorphs will begin filtering out of the vents. Most of them will come from the far right side, giving you a lot of time to blow them away while they're running at you. Given how long it takes them to reach the ladder you also have lots of time to Kinesis body parts at newcomers, saving yourself plenty of ammo.

Once the room is cleared you'll have a few options. Check the glowing green battery in the small pit. You can drag this battery out and use it on other nodes around the room.

  • The node closest to the first on the bottom floor leads to a storage room with two Necromorphs. Kill 'em and look around for items, including a Repeater.
  • The node on the catwalks opens the way you came again. You can fire the battery up to the catwalks with no ill effects.
  • The node near the larger door opens the way forward.

Keep going to find containers, more signs of a disturbed mind at work, and, in the last room, an elevator. Complete the bypass on the nearby console and you'll bring Necromorphs out of the woodworks; most will come from the direction you came in, though a few come out by the elevator as well. Take them out and go up. In the next room at the top are a Bench, a Text Log, and a few lockers.

You'll come out on catwalks next. Wander along them to find a raised bridge. Activate the controls with Kinesis - and be ready, as Necromorphs are about to rush you from across the bridge and back where you came in. Returning to the entrance to this area is recommended, as ranged Necromorphs have a clear shot at you on the open catwalks. Force them into the culvert instead and blow the nearest ones away as they emerge from their vent.

In the next room you'll find two doors: one normal, one requiring a Torque Bar. Crank this one open and you'll find a Heavy Metal Thunder, two Spare Parts Boxes, and a bunch of random items. Nice haul. Through the other door are three rooms with nothing in them and a larger bay with a few Necromorphs visibly hanging from the catwalks overhead. If you're fast you can run by them, get up the stairs, zip to the elevator, and avoid this fight entirely. (Though if you do they'll chase you to the next room. Less to kill this way anyway.)

Look the room over for items, listen to the recording (very cheery) and go through the door. There's a Bench in the next room, as well as a door marked 'Explosive Storage'. What could possibly go wrong in there? You have little choice; head inside. You'll come out in a large room with several walkways and a depressing number of vents. Check near the ice for an S.C.A.F. Artifact and try to use the elevator.

The Necromorphs will come in several waves. They'll start with the skinny, fast ones you saw in the Waystation. Back into a corner and blow them up shooting gallery style, as they're quite fragile and appear in great numbers. Once beefier Necromorphs begin to appear, use the room's geography to keep away from their jumping attacks and keep firing. The red canisters here can't be picked up, but they will explode quite nicely if shot. Lure the Necromorphs around and you can use these to great effectiveness.

Once the Necromorphs are dead the elevator here will fully drop, allowing you access to a nice little storage unit filled with goodies. Among them are a Scope, two Upgrade Circuits, a Spare Parts Box and assorted other items. You'll also unlock the door opposite where you came in, which more or less leads back to where you started. Mission complete! Woo!

… though be careful when you come out of the elevator on your way back, as Necromorphs are waiting in one of the rooms. Once they're dead, check a wall container for an Upgrade Circuit - and steel yourself for more attacks, as there are two more Necromorphs waiting in the entry bay. Enjoy!


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