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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Six: Explore the Greely

Updated on February 9, 2013

The Roanoke's proven to be far more than a mere ghost ship, and the information it provided may hold the key to understanding what's on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis - and what it means to stopping the Markers. For now, though, Isaac has a date with deep space once again.

Leave the Roanoke's airlock and you'll be back in zero-g again. You got this message the first time, but it's more important now: you can't survive in space forever. Isaac needs air, and his suit only has so much. Fortunately, you can find flashing oxygen containers here and there while you're in space. Drag them over with Kinesis and you can replenish your air supply, allowing you to float wherever you wish.

Once outside Isaac will receive a looping transmission from another nearby ship. Your first official side quest? Yes please. (Making a stupid weapon doesn't count.) Set Explore the Greely as your objective from your RIG menu. Head out into space - but before you leave the Roanoke's superstructure, check the groove in the metal just beyond where you set off. Down and to your left is a free-floating S.C.A.F. Artifact. Grab it and head out to find the Skip waiting a short ways off the side of the Roanoke. Once you land and head inside, you can choose to ship off to the Greely. Debark in the space junk graveyard beyond and you'll find a few things of note:

  • To the left of the Skip is a big hunk of debris inhabited by four projectile-spewing Necromorphs. They aren't guarding anything of value, so there's not much point checking this hulk out.
  • To the right of the Skip is a hunk of debris with three floating containers.
  • Beneath the right hunk is a much larger chunk of ship, painted green. Approach and two Necromorphs will emerge. Kill them and check the right side of the hull. You'll find a spot where you can land, and inside you'll find a ton of goodies in a storage bin, including a Compact Standard Frame and some Tungsten. There's also another S.C.A.F. Artifact in the corner of the room.

Look for a platform with flashing red lights to find the Greeley's airlock. When you get close enough three more spitting Necromorphs will appear on the hull; blow them away or ignore them completely. Land on the platform and head inside.

Proceed through the next two rooms to find a larger room with a ladder. Check the lockers for items and a shelf across the room for a Compact Standard Frame. Go down the ladder into the next large space, and when the creepy music starts, look to a vent to your right. A Necromorph will come through. Blow it to pieces and check the walls in the area for several containers.

The doors here are security locked. Check the lockers, then run down the stairs nearby and check the lockers and containers at the bottom. When you hit catwalks after two more doors, burst open the crates for items, and use the ladder to reach the bowels of the Greely. More lockers, more items. Use Kinesis on the generator in the back to get the power on. You'll have to pump it a few times to get the juice flowing. This will attract three Necromorphs once you're back up the ladder, one of which lobs projectiles at you; be wary and use Stasis liberally.

Use the elevator in the rear of the room, and when you come out you'll find more lockers. Go through the door here to find the radio room. Canvas the room for wall containers, then approach the power box in the middle of the room. You need to balance the power here between the Lights and the CPU so the two needles are in the green. Go into the red and the box will spark. Balance this out by setting the first, third, fourth and sixth switch to the right and the other two to the left.

You can play a recording on the lower level; otherwise, just go through the door that unlocked. You'll come out back where you started. Necromorphs will come through in a small four-creature wave, so be prepared and use the pillars in the room to keep them separated from you. Avoid being backed into a corner at all costs. Once they're dead, assuming you have the right materials, you can create a Tungsten Torque Bar at the Bench nearby and use it to open the door near the ladder. Inside is a Telemetry Spike, a Transducerand an Upgrade Circuit, as well as a bunch of other stuff you can pick up.

Enter the large door at the bottom of the ramp to find a locker. Go through the next door to come out in a lab. Head to your left and you'll see a Necromorph burst through a wall on the other end of the room; quickly off it, then turn to your right to face the Necromorphs clinging to the walls. Strafe and take them out while they fire at you. Once the place is clear, check the containers for a variety of items, and, in one of the purple-lit sconces, an Alien Artifact. Hop on the elevator.

You'll descend into a specimen storage area. Fire on the Necromorph at the other end of the room when it appears, run down to that end, turn the corner, then get ready for a Necromorph from behind. When it's dead, head through the next door around the bend in the debris and then through another door. You'll get into a tussle with a Necromorph as you try to open the door; pound on X / A to break free, Stasis it, and blow it apart.

More specimens. When you round the corner ahead in this room a slew of tiny Necromorphs will pour out of the ceiling. Target them as they scurry at you and pound X if any get on you. Use the Bench in the back of the room for your crafting needs, look around for containers, and use Kinesis on the crank across from the Bench to open the door beside it.

Inside is a power source that will fry you if you get too close. Remove the front panel to discover a Semiconductor inside which, when taken, will stop the flow of electricity. Check the floors here for random items, and grab the Electric Charge from the rear console. Then use Kinesis on the blue interface near the console to reveal Engstrom's Office Key.

Run back the way you came. Necromorphs will appear occasionally, but more dangerous than them are heating vents that will suddenly explode out of the floor and fry you - and the Necromorphs. Push your alien buddies into the vents whenever possible and make your way back to the room which previously had naught but locked doors. Use the Key you got on the one door you haven't yet accessed. Inside you'll find a bunch of items along with the decryption key for the message that kept getting broadcast.

With the key collected you're done with the Greely. Go back up the ladder in the hall and leave the ship.


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