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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Ten: Aft Station

Updated on February 7, 2013

Having checked out the Con Tower (or not), Isaac has a load of new gear (maybe not) and is back on course (or always was on course) towards finding a shuttle to get everyone off of the Terra Nova. Off to the tram's Aft Station to secure some transport!

You'll debark the tram and find two doors. In the left is a Military Engine, and, if you’ve been saving up your Tungsten, a room that requires a Torque Bar to open. You probably don't have one at the moment, so come back later, once you've visited a Bench. (It contains a bunch of random items and some more Tungsten. Yay.)

Approach the elevator on the right side of the tram station and, when you hit the button, one of those darned regenerating Necromorphs will show up. Don't panic - just Stasis the thing and hop on the elevator.

When the elevator stops you'll come out by the Crozier, the escape craft of choice, though Isaac instantly declares it a piece of junk. He'll have to craft a Remote Relay to get it back in working order. There are obviously Necromorphs in the area, though they go quiet when you move out of the elevator; you'll just have to watch your step. Check the left side of the hangar for items and use the moving platform to head to the opposite side of the hangar.

Check the right side of the hangar for items, notably a Stasis Support, and use the Bench. You need three items to get the job done: a Remote Circuit Board, a Remote Radio Controller, and a Remote AAS Locator Module. After you're done with the Bench, return to the opposite side of the hangar and use the elevator to descend to the lower walkways.

Almost immediately you'll come under assault Necromorphs. You can fight them off, but they seem to keep coming as long as you're down here. Run down the ramps after offing a few mutants in your way and look for a sparkling glint on a tool shelf. This is your first piece of ship, the Remote Circuit Board. Grab it and bolt back to the elevator before anything can grab at you. Watch for exploding Necromorphs - they're great for clearing mobs.

When the elevator returns to the top you'll have to face two more Necromorphs. Off them and run for the moving platform. (If you need a breather, descend to the nose of the shuttle. Nothing will bother you here.) On the opposite side and down the elevator you'll see the first piece in a console ahead; ignore it for now and look instead to your left. You'll see the third piece on another console that's up a ramp. Go for it first. This will attract the Necromorphs, though if you're very quick only one will have a chance to swipe at you. Get the piece up the ramp, bolt back down, grab the last piece, and hop on the elevator. Piece of cake - you're one Remote Radio Controller and one Remote AAS Locator Module richer.

Now you have to craft them into one piece. Return to the top level and blow away the two Necromorphs that attack you up here. They're tough and fast; use Stasis to minimize the danger. Quickly access the Bench and assemble the Remote Relay before anything else can bother you and take the finished product down to the nose of the shuttle. Pry open the latch here and set the Relay in place. It works… but the stupid shuttle is out of fuel. Nuts. New objective!

Return to the platform with the Bench and go down the elevator. (In case you missed any items, this is the time to get them.) Go through the door to your right and up the ladder. At the top you'll find a walkway leading behind the shuttle's engines. Several Necromorphs will try to get at you from the vents; run along the walkway to the opposite side, kill the one Necromorph along the way, and use the narrow paths as a shooting gallery. There's a Stasis Recharge station on the other side if you need some extra energy. When they're gone, enter the elevator labelled 'Master Control' and head up.

Have a look around Master Control for supplies, then use the computer inside the booth to move the fuel line into place. Go out onto the walkway and use Kinesis to pull the nozzle down into the top of the ship. This will spark the interest of four Necromorphs back in the booth, and they'll charge one-by-one out at you; with the walkways you have a neat little shooting gallery on your hands. The only one to worry about is the last one, as it's faster than the others. When they're dead, run back into the booth and use the console to remove the nozzle.

Bad news: Ellie will test fire the engines and accidentally start the launch sequence. Great. Get back on the elevator and return to the second-level walkways. Don't bother shooting any Necromorphs here, as they'll get fried by the fire. Wait for the engines to stop firing and run across the walkway. At the top of the next ramp a huge line of fire will erupt… and one of those stupid regenerating Necromorphs will appear. Fantastic. Stasis it, wait for the fire to abate, and run through to the ladder. You can wade through the fire without dying, but it's not a good idea.

Go through the next door. An elevator is coming to your right, but it will take a few seconds. Wait near it and Stasis the regenerating Necromorph that wanders in. Get on the elevator when it arrives and ride it to the top. You need to get to the moving platform next, but the stupid thing is on the other side - and there are two Necromorphs headed your way, one regenerating! Again, Stasis is your best bet. Freeze them, hit the panel to bring the platform over, and jump on when it arrives. Ride it down to the nose of the shuttle.

What's that? Gears malfunctioning? Yes, of course. Ride the platform to the right side of the hangar, get on the elevator, ride down to the lower level and check the door at the bottom of the ramps. Watch the fire inside, look in the lockers for gear, and hop in the elevator at the back. At the top you'll find that, yes, the gears are very jammed. Hop in the yellow machine gun turret in the rear of this room and fire at the ordnance that's jammed in the gears. This will bring a ton of Necromorphs down on your head. Fortunately, you have unlimited ammo and lots of room to wipe them out. Keep hitting ordnance canisters whenever they fly into the gears.

Afterward, Isaac will get sucked out a window in an apocalyptic flash fire - but everybody will cheer, because you stopped the launch. Yay!


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