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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Twenty-Eight: Paleontology Sector

Updated on February 14, 2013

Isaac remains on the lookout for Rosetta slabs, and he's managed to track down one in the Biology Laboratory's Neurology department. He's also opened the way to the Paleontology Sector, his next stop for slabs. The cross-section fun continues!

(Note: In order to access the Paleontology Sector, you must open the elevator to it via the Biology Hallway. Unlock this hallway, go down it and use the lift at the end to activate the sterilization systems. Go back up and you can use the nearby console to activate gasses that will kill all of the goop on the walls. This will free the elevator.)

The elevator in the Biology Laboratory will take you to a narrow corridor between buildings, and when you get far enough in several Necromorphs will jump down. Your best bet is to backtrack, take out the Necromorph in front of the door you just came through, go through and blast them from the opposite room. You won't have to face them on two sides this way. Aim for the legs.

In the entrance of the Paleontology Sector you'll get a brief message from Danik, as well as discover that the power here isn't working so well. Pry the panel off of the wall to the right of the door and use the crank inside to open it up. Go down the next hall and you'll find an Upgrade Circuit in a wall container, a Reaper Barracks Key on the desk (optional mission!), a door requiring a Torque Bar (this one containing an Explosive Module and various small goodies) and an elevator. Poke around a bit, then jump in the elevator.

You'll get immediate signs that this next room is somewhat unsettled, and as soon as you step out of the elevator you'll be swarmed on both sides. The thin nature of the catwalks makes it very easy to Stasis big bunches of these Necromorphs, blocking those behind them from getting at you. Either stick close to the elevator and fire from it or make a big circuit of the catwalks, avoiding these things as best you can. Collect the mass amount of items here when they're gone (there will be lots) and go down the lift on the opposite side of the room.

You'll come out near some sort of containment machine, and one of the slabs is visible inside. Using the blue cranks near the control panels, you need to turn the slots inside the machine until they're all vertical (the three computer consoles should all read '0'). Use the console to shunt the slab through the slots, grab it at the far end, and use the orange-lit receptacle nearby to send the slab to Ellie. Two down.

Go through the now-unlocked door down here. It leads to two more doors: one continues deeper into the Paleontology Sector, the other to the Reaper Barracks. We'll go there another time. Go through the Paleo door.

Beyond you'll come out in a hallway that looks festooned with biological goop. After another word from Danik proceed ahead - but blow up the blob on the floor immediately in front of you first. Keep an eye open for more of them as you proceed down the hall. To the right and behind the sterilization booth is an Upgrade Circuit that's easy to miss; grab it before you do anything else.

Try to activate the gas and you'll discover that the gas supply valve is shut. You'll have to open it. Head to the end of the hallway and you'll find a panel on the right wall. Pull it open and use Kinesis on the crank inside to release gas into the hall. Avoid the gas as you run back to the sterilization booth and hit the button inside. You'll be locked safely within while the gas does its work.

Back outside you'll find the Bench ahead now operable, and beyond that a door has been unblocked. Inside is another door labelled 'The Zoo'. How quaint. Inside is a large room, and ahead to the left you can see a Necromorph skulking about. If you're feeling lucky you can try to distract it with noise, sneak it, grab the slab that's just to the left of where you came in, and sneak it over to the receptacle in the rear-right corner of the room.

… or you can shoot the Necromorph and endure several waves of the things to enjoy free reign of the room. Your choice.

If you do choose to fight (ultimately the wiser choice if you want to use the opposite exit) there's an easy way to go about it. While still standing in the door, shoot the first Necromorph you see. This will bring waves of others in. Immediately step back and get to the rear of the small hallway you're in. Necromorphs will begin dropping, one by one, through the grate in the ceiling at the other end of the hall. Point your gun at their legs and blast them to pieces as they appear. So long as your ammo doesn't run out at a bad time you can easily kill them all without damage this way. Use Stasis if things get a bit clogged for your liking.

Check a desk to the right of the entrance for an Alien Artifact and, once you've cleared out the room, go through the door in the back. There are Necromorphs inside, and two more will come through the vent to your left. Back up into the room, down the catwalks, and blow them away. (These guys are much slower than the previous pack.) Go up the elevator in the room beyond.

You're back outside, and Danik's gunships are watching the ground. Dash straight through here to the building at the end of the bend for minimal trouble; getting spotted by the gunship here is not the end of the world. Through the next building you'll be ambushed, but the ambushers will be caught by new Necromorphs. These frightening creatures are extremely jittery and fast, and can cross the ground in no time flat. If you want to get in proper hits, Stasis is almost mandatory. You'll have to fight four of these things before you can get back into the Biology Laboratory. Three slabs down, one to go.


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