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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Twenty-Four: Cliffs of Volantis

Updated on February 12, 2013

Danik and his men appear to be scattered, Norton is gone, and Isaac is with Carver. They need to find Ellie - and the only way to do that is to scale the Cliffs of Volantis. Sounds like a fun time.

Fortunately, Ellie is just around the corner! Finding out that her old boyfriend killed her new shocks her into silence, though Santos has a few vicious words about their predicament. Once they're done talking, check around for containers and use one of the sets of climbing gear to head up the side of the cliff.

Climbing isn't too difficult. In the first section the rocks that will fall down at you are practically telegraphed in advance; just move so you aren't underneath them. This is less clear-cut in the second section, though you'll still have plenty of time to rappel out of the way as they fall towards you. You're done climbing for a bit when you reach the top of the second cliff; make your way to the top of the trail, listen to drama, and go up the small ladder.

Check around the caves within for a few containers in ragged tents, as well as a Compact Standard Frame. Follow the curve of the caves to the left and you'll see the source of the digging noise: a Necromorph, hacking away at the snow. Blowing it away will bring a horde of other nearby Necromorphs over for a look, and they'll catch you in a pincer movement. Stasis is quite useful for staying safe here. Go straight ahead to find a Weller's Compact Frame, then backtrack and take the first right. Be careful, as a Necromorph will jump out of the snow here.

Beyond here you're back on the cliffs, by a cargo cage. Use Kinesis on the blue cog above it to send the cage down to your teammates; naturally, something will go wrong. Once communications are cut off, check the containers for some items (including Tungsten, always exciting) and continue up the mountain. At the next bend you'll be assaulted by a large wave of Necromorphs, either bursting out of the snow or rushing down the mountain at you. The trickle is largely two-by-two, so keep backing up towards the lift, firing and using Kinesis. They shouldn't get too close to you before you can blow them away.

Ahead is a cave, and in it more climbing winches. Grab the Ammo Support and use the winch. This rappelling section is a fair bit trickier, as you now have to contend with faster falling rocks and projectile Necromorphs on the walls. Whenever you see a Necromorph, pause to blow it away before continuing. Trying to ignore them is too difficult. Tend more towards the right side of the cliff face than the left - the debris falls more often on the left side. Rappel often between the two sides to avoid rocks.

The path ahead splits. To the left are a few containers; right leads on. Soon you'll hear the moans of Necromorphs and come across several that explode, along with normal Necromorphs. Shoot the exploding ones from afar as quickly as possible to take out the normal Necromorphs simultaneously. This part isn't so hard so long as you mind the fact that there are Necromorphs behind you as well as in front.

There's another split ahead. To the left you'll find an S.C.A.F. Artifact and another Scavenger Bot. Go right and you'll find a way out of the caves. Head right and you'll find a small niche in the wall with a Rip Core, some containers and a Bench. Still no elevator. There are more containers and more winches a bit further up the slope.

This next falling part is a bit tricky, despite lacking enemies. Start up the right side and an enormous rock you can't dodge will begin to fall. Backtrack a short ways and rappel to the left side, wait for the rock to fall, rappel back, and keep going. The cliff will end soon, forcing you to rappel left - though as soon as you do so another rock will fall. Rappel back right to avoid it. Past here is a lift that keeps swinging back and forth. Wait for it to be directly above you, use Stasis to stop it, and rappel over to the right side of the cliff. Climb up before the lift begins swinging again.

At the top you'll face a combination of spitting and normal slashing Necromorphs. Stasis works great here, as they're big and tend to come forward in clumps. Beyond is a winch you can finally use to get the rest of the team up to the top. Use the generator to get it running. It will work for a bit… but shut off. Check near the winch for a small slope that leads to a power box. You'll have to redirect power to siphon light power to the winch. Put the lowest switch to the left and the third-lowest switch to the right to get it working, then activate the winch.

… bad stuff will happen. You're separated from the crew again! Great! Just great.


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