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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Two: Isaac's Apartment

Updated on February 7, 2013

Cut to two hundred years later, on the New Horizons Lunar Colony. Series regular Isaac is here, and he's having something of a breakdown of his own. Shortly thereafter he's recruited into a new mission, thanks to his association with Markers… and with his old pal Ellie.

You start off in Isaac's squalid apartment. Use the Medical Pack to gain control of Isaac and have a look around the apartment. You can check his messages, grab a Text Log from his bed, and head out into the hall. To the right you'll find an item near a locked door; down the stairs to the left is your destination. Note that items in containers and on enemies you defeat are completely randomized, so who knows what you'll get.

Leave the building and you'll find EarthGov's 'last battalion', Captain Norton and Sergeant Carver, waiting nearby. They'll open the way out onto the street, and you'll immediately come under fire. Get behind the barricades to avoid the gunfire and edge towards the police car. Something, uh, unfortunate will happen to the car, and Isaac will fly down into an alleyway.

Run into the nearby building, as grenades are on their way. Once here, grab the ammo on the floor immediately across from the entrance and take cover - four Unitologist goons will pin you down with crossfire. Duck behind the small barricade and peg the tops of their heads over their own barricades, as there's just enough showing when they duck down for easy kills.

Go through where the goons came in and you'll get attention from a suicide bomber. Shoot him from a distance to avoid the explosion and run through the spotlight to the next set of sewers. Look for blue lights along the walls here for a ladder you can climb. You'll come out in a small safe room, learn why Isaac is being targeted, and get a new mission: rendezvous with Norton. Crush the boxes in the room for items and head out the nearby door. (Important doors have blue lights. Remember this.)

Back outside you'll hear one of the Unitologists yelling at a lady. A good sign that there's an ambush coming up. Creep up to the wall to your left and you can aim around it to get the grunt on the ground, and, before you expose yourself, the grunt on the walkway above. You can peg them both before they get a chance to fire.

Go down the lit alleyway. You'll see a soldier get pegged by unmanned transports on the freeway - a problem for Isaac, as well. Use Stasis as indicated to slow them down… sort of… but before you cross, check the gap in the wall just around the left corner of the road for an EarthGov Artifact. Go up the ladder.

You come under fire on the walkways, so sprint to the other side, bash the box for ammo, check the opening niches on the wall for yet more ammo, then run back the way you came. If you're fast you won't get hit. Head through the next hallway to find Dredger Corp's Lobby.


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