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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Thirty-Six: Kill or Be Killed

Updated on February 17, 2013

After a quick dip into Artifact Storage, Isaac is back on course. Get the Codex to that Machine! Hurry! Lives count on it! Billions and billions of lives!

Take the right at the split, go through the security door, and you'll wind up in a zero-G passage. Lift off and almost immediately you'll come under projectile attack from the walls above. Blow away the Necromorph and keep ascending and you'll come under attack again; do likewise. This area can look very confusing thanks to the darkness, but try not to freak out - it's not that big. Take off in front of the generator and, straight up and a little to your left, you'll see an Upgrade Circuit. Grab it, land on the gravity pads to get your bearings, then launch straight up.

You'll see more pads ahead when you hit the ceiling. Land on them and go up. Another Necromorph will attack; blow it away. Keep ascending to find another sound panel to unlock the next room.

In the next area you'll find giant pads that will enhance your Kinesis powers significantly. Test it out on the rocks. Check the shelving unit beside the rocks for an Upgrade Circuit and continue onward. Around the bend a small gang of exploding Necromorphs will come down the far wall at you; you have tons of time to kill them before they get close. Use the generator to power up the Bench and Suit Kiosk here, and check the Kiosk to get the Elite Suit. Pretty snazzy. Grab the Compact Standard Frame across from the Bench and go up the lift.

Your mission now is the Activate the Alien Conduit. Stand on the central pad at the top of the lift and look at the diagrams on the wall. Use the left diagram as a guide for bending the curvy statues behind you into proper alignment via Kinesis. Use the Codex on the glowing panel behind the statues and you'll open a new path to the heart of the Alien Ruins. Go back down the lift. A Rosetta Necromorph will appear, but you can ignore it completely if you want and jump in the light up the stairs to your left.

After a trippy floating sequence you'll wind up near another symbol-locked door. Pop it open, check to your right for some containers, and go left. You'll find another large pad, and you're advised to use Stasis on it to freeze the stream of Necromorphs coming at you from the right. Not a terrible idea; freeze them up and pop their heads off with your gun. Check the base of the statue when they're gone for an Upgrade Circuit and continue right.

Behind the statue is another pad, and Isaac suggests using it to rip the limbs off Necromorphs. Interesting. Get on and a stream of crawlers will come at you; Kinesis will, indeed, rip their limbs off their still-moving bodies. What fun. Most come at you from the front, though one or two will appear to your left. Rip them apart and keep going.

Another security door ahead; you know the drill by now. Go through and you'll open up another chapter, Kill or Be Killed, and more officially be within the vicinity of the Alien Machine.

Beyond the security door tyou'll find an Acid Bath and an Electrocution Module to your right and a split pathway ahead. Left is a dead end; go right instead. When you start seeing orange wall lights you'll be attacked by several slashing Necromorphs. Kill them off and use the generator near the blocked door to activate the power. The ever-helpful Dr. Serrano will give you some tips, you'll have access to a Bench, you'll find a Text Log nearby, and you'll find... a blocked door. Run to the left side of this area to find the next door. Kill the Necromorphs that show up, unlock the door, and go through.

The next large area is home to another pack of those annoying skittish Necromorphs. Stay out of the central arena and blast them when they appear around the blocks ahead. Kill a few and normal Necromorphs will begin to show up as well. When they do, back up to the entrance and kill them there, where you have a clear line of fire. Take on the remaining skittish Necromorphs back in the central area when the others stop coming. Follow your tracker through the ruins to the next door, grabbing the Alien Artifact along the way.

Beyond is another trippy transport area. There are a few Necromorphs here, but you can completely ignore them if you wish. Down the next path you'll find another small arena area, and after blowing up a pustule on the ground you'll be confronted by another pack of skittish Necromorphs. Retreat to the entrance to prevent them from sneaking up on you and fire as they appear. Two exploding Necromorphs will also show up to your right, but they're no big deal. Make your way to the rear, watching for more explosive pustules, until you find a lift. Use the generator to get the lift working and go up.

Check beside the lift at the top for an Upgrade Circuit before approaching the central pillar. It will activate a beam of light - one of three that must be activated - and alert a bunch of Necromorphs to your presence, including some massive tentacles. Head right at the junction, take out the tentacle ahead, and step on the glowing pad. Use it to manipulate the tower nearby (not the central tower, the one off to the side) to create a beam of light. This will alert several smaller Necromorphs and generate another large tentacle. Rush back to the elevator and use this position to blow away the Necromorphs that approach. It's far too risky to try to engage them from the pad. Kill the next tentacle that appears on the right, kill the Necromorphs that follow, and proceed with the puzzle.

This machine requires a bit more than simple realignment. You have to match the three prongs on the central tower with the prongs on the outside towers. Each outside tower has two prongs, the two prongs different on each of the towers. Swivel the four towers around until you've created beams between the three outer towers and the larger central tower. This will clear the area of pests and open another path. With the last tentacle gone (as long as you're careful it couldn't hurt you while you messed with the puzzle) you can collect an Alien Artifact from the left side of the outer circle. Grab it and run to the Codex box to change ruins again. You now have access to The Heart of the Machine.

Follow the path back through the ruins to the area with the moving tentacle statues. In the room just before you hit the first transport beam you'll run afoul of no less than five Rosetta Necromorphs. Trying to take these things on is possible, especially with the pads to boost Stasis, but it's quite difficult. Easier is using Stasis to freeze the things and then running past to the other end of the room. If you do choose to fight, keep at a fair distance from the aliens - they like to charge when you're nearby, and they do a ton of damage.

Danik's men will be waiting near the bottom of the lift on the other side, but a Rosetta Necromorph and some jittery miners will keep them busy. Rush to the lift (unless you really, really need to use the Bench) and manipulate the tentacle statues at the top into the lit configuration on the wall. This will open up the final path, which, again, if you don't care about the Bench, you can run right up to when you get off the lift. Danik promises a surprise, though, and you might want to be ready for it…


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