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Dead State Fallout Minecraft Survival Map Download

Updated on January 26, 2012
The Dead State is lovely at this time of year.
The Dead State is lovely at this time of year.

I love Fallout, as does almost everybody who loves immersive RPG games. So when I found out that Fallout was coming to Minecraft in the form of a survival map, it was a must-review map. Of course, it turned out to actually be the second Fallout minecraft map in a series but one can't know everything all the time. The premise of this Fallout map is that the protagonist has landed in a 'Dead State', a place where nothing grows. Coincidentally, it very much puts me in the mind of New Vegas.

There is a storyline, quite an intense one too if you like that sort of thing. If you like disregarding storylines, that can also be done with relative ease. Because it's minecraft, and minecraft eats stories for breakfast.

First things first, (or by now, fourth things fourth) this is a big map. This isn't one of those 'hole in the ground' survival maps. You're going to need at least seven minutes of life to download this thing in, as it weighs in at a hefty 91.8 MB.

How much like Fallout is it really? Well, Minecraft naturally lends itself to dystopian scenes, so you've got that covered from the moment you set foot in the 'Dead State'. The creator has also gone to quite considerable trouble to lay the place out in a similar way to the Fallout series, with terminals tossing up vaguely relevant information from time to time. Unfortunately you're going to have to switch to the 'Fallout Story' folder to read the notes, terminal outputs and even the flashbacks, but that's not anyone's fault but the people who still haven't put readable books in game.

How challenging is it as a purely survival map? Quite challenging. In spite of how built up the map is, which is usually a sign that there's not much for you to do but light a few torches and sit in a corner reminisicing about the old days, the map is designed to make your life hard for you. Not quite Deathclaw hard, well, at least not at first. Because of the lack of grass and leaves there aren't a lot of ways to get seeds for cultivating land, which may very well put you in a pretty pickle very quickly. So don't dismiss the survival aspect of this map just because it comes with a lot of building and storyline, this map will test your will to survive as well as your will to explore.

Download Minecraft Fallout: Dead State Survival Map


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