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Dear Mom

Updated on August 7, 2017

Dear Mom

There once was a woman named Mom. Who’s name wasn’t really mom, it’s Jenni.

Anyways, Mom slept in her room, used it as a toom, To hide from the children’s screaming,

Dad works all day, at home, and for pay, while mom writes papers far, far away.

The peacefulness of her office, in a collage, you could not miss.

She wrote papers, make quizzes, grade quizzes, and more. And now she comes home way later then ever before.

But when she gives you the time, when you’re quiet and shine, you and her will have a great time.

My mom thinks I’m funny, and my friends are too,

when ever they come over, Telling jokes is what I like to do.

But when shes in a bad mood, don’t pester her, don’t dare,

The best thing to do is just don’t care.

Talking back is stupid, and my mom agrees.

The easy thing is just to admit it was me.

Mom is great, and sometimes mean, but they almost never punish me.

Sly, I’m like Bob from the outsides, except that they feel that its their fault.

© 2017 Emily Shelton


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