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Death of WoW

Updated on April 26, 2011
Left: WoW female. Right: RIFT female
Left: WoW female. Right: RIFT female | Source

World of Warcraft, the super power in the MMO world. I personally played WoW sense 2006 and thought it was the best game to sit and waste time. For everyone who hasn't played WoW it is like any addiction another person can have. People say you can never "Quit" WoW, I have tried a few times to kick the habit and failed. Now I can say I have found the "Killer" of WoW, RIFT.


In the beginning WoW was a simple game. You run around as the race of your choice and do quests, do some player versus player, and the occasional dungeon run. The level cap was 60 at the time and was in fact a challenge to get to. The end game raids were 40 man and were difficult to finish if you didn't have dedicated people.

Then came the first expansion, The Burning Crusade. This expansion was a breath of fresh air. It gave players a whole new area, dungeons, two new playable races, flying mounts, and a new level cap of 70. After all of this it was still difficult to get to 70 and the end game raids were hard but well worth it.

After a year and some change the next expansion came out, The Wrath of the Lich King. This was a well anticipated expansion due to the hype of the Death Knight class. Wrath gave us a new area, level cap to 80, Death Knights, and a wave of new players who didn't know what they were doing. This expansion by far was the easiest to date. Everyone got used to running dungeons in 15 minutes flat, leaving more time for you to do more during your play time. End game content for Wrath was easy and you could run it in 4-5 hours with a good group of people.

After all of these expansions what more could we do? Well Blizzard threw us an expansion that was not done being developed. Cataclysm, was going to be the best expansion to date, but after playing it for a few months and seeing what crap it is I couldn't handle it. Flaws in everything, botters running a muck, and dungeons that you have to sit in for 2 hours to complete if you were lucky to not have the group fall apart before the first boss.


After a few days of running into "botters" which are people using a program to farm materials why they are of doing something else, I started reporting them. I got an answer back from one of the Game Masters who said "It is not your job to report and or deal with bots". I then spent 3 hours talking with 5 different Game Masters to try to get this resolved so I could get back to playing my game. Every single one of them was rude and said I didn't know what I was talking about. I then had to call the headquarters to actually get someone to listen and not backtalk me for helping them out. I sent in screenshots of the bots as well. After all of the hassle I contacted the Headquarters one last time to try to get a refund on the time card I had just put on my account a week before. The person said they couldn't give me a refund but would freeze the time on my account in case I ever wanted to come back. $30 wasted.


The next night I went to my local Walmart and picked up RIFT, another MMO that some said would be the one contender to WoW. I started playing and was hooked. It brought me back to classic WoW and how fun it was. 30 minutes goes by and you are immersed in a world that has constant battles and invasions going on. More customization to your character and much more realistic looking than WoW. By far a better game and far better community.

The question is now will I ever go back to WoW? I can honestly say no. My account will still be there if by some divine miracle they make it enjoyable to play again but I wont hold my breath.


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