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PS4 or X-Box One : Console Wars - Which One Should I Get?

Updated on May 4, 2017

Decisions, Decisions

Since the introduction of the game industry there always been great competition among different consoles. In the last few years Sony and Microsoft have been trying to appeal to different demographics. Throughout this blog I will go in detail on why anyone should either buy a PlayStation 4 or a X-Box One. There are quite a few pros on getting a PlayStation 4 instead of a X-Box One and vice-versa. For instance I will go in detail in terms of playability as well as how the controller feels in my hand when I play the PlayStation 4 or X-Box One. Just remember one thing when reading this blog is that it is only my opinion so feel free to comment if you disagree with my thoughts.


Pros of getting a PS4

Pros of getting a PS4:

One of the positives of getting a PS4 in 2017 is the whole idea that the shelf life of the console will last the gamer more than just a few months. In comparison to other consoles that came out previously such as the WiiU or the PS3 , the PlayStation 4 will not become obsolete for another few years. In other words , it is a safe bet for any consumer to get this particular console because the gamer will get their money's worth.

Another factor that is important to consider when getting a new console is the controller. I know it sounds strange but a controller can break or make any type of game for a player, because if feels weird in your hand or it is hard to adapt maybe the console is not the right fit for you. The controller of the PlayStation 4 is very smooth and it is very easy to adapt, which allows the gamer to have an unique experience with any particular game.

One last component that should be consider prior to getting any video game system is the selection of games, at no given time anyone should a gamer buy a new video game system just because of one game. The reasoning behind that thought is because if you beat that game you be stuck with a system of 300 dollars that will be barely used. This issue does not occur with the PlayStation 4 since it has a very good selection of games, which can satisfy any type of gamer.

Cons of getting a PS4

Cons of getting a PS4:

If you are the type of gamer that wants to be connected to everyone the PlayStation 4 may not appeal to you, because unlike, its counterpart it feels like the PS4 forces consumers to purchase separate other stream devices. One would argue that the PS4 does provide ways of using Hulu or Netflix accounts through their console, but the experience will not be as smooth as its competitor.

Even though I listed the game selection as one of the reasons why should a gamer buy a PS4 over the X-Box One it can be also the same reason why the X-Box One will be a better option for the consumer, because I should not buy a particular console if the competitor is going to provide that same title.

One last factor that someone should buy a X-Box One over the PlayStation 4 is the price point of each console. Currently, the X-Box bundle is cheaper than the PlayStation 4 which can be the decisive factor on why anyone should I buy a console over the other.

In the previous paragraphs I listed the positives and negatives of purchasing a PS4 in the following paragraphs I will list the pros and the cons of getting a X Box one.


Pros of getting a X- Box One

Pros for getting a X-Box One:

Both PlayStation 4 and the X-Box One have a very good selection of games, however if you like games such as Halo then the X-Box One is the right fit for you, because that particular title is only available on the X-Box One. In other words, if you like the X-Box One because of one single title then I recommend choosing the X-Box One over the PlayStation 4.

The whole appealing factor surrounding the X-Box One is the idea of being connected to everyone around you. So if you are one those type of gamers that enjoy that whole gimmick behind the X-Box One then that console will meet your needs. Unlike the PlayStation the X-Box adds the feeling that everyone you know is "playing" with you, which can be exciting for a lot gamers.

One last factor that should be considered prior of getting a X-Box One over the PlayStation is the price point of one system over the other, which can influence someone that is tight with money.

Cons of getting a X-Box One

Cons of getting a X-Box One:

The X-Box One might give the feeling that you are connected with everyone and everything all at once, sometimes the idea of less is more comes into play. A player does not need to be connected to the world in order to enjoy playing their favorite game. Also, it feels forced that a single player needs to share their achievements with everyone they know.

One of my major concerns I always had with the X-Box is the way the controller feels, because unlike the PlayStation I feel the controller to be a little clunky and sometimes a little overwhelming. If the X-Box One had an easier controller to utilize I would consider purchasing the X-Box.

There you have it, the reasons why should someone should buy either a PlayStation or a X-Box. The debate on what is a better system will always be there especially with the introduction of newer consolers. So would you buy a PlayStation or X-Box or would you consider waiting for the newer systems. Comment below and also thanks for reading.

So which console would you purchase?

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