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Defender For Android - Beautiful Graphics, Organized Interface, Responsive Controls

Updated on May 5, 2012

You Need Fast Fingers and Fast Reflexes

Fast fingers won't stop those waves of monsters from attacking your medieval castle. Defender for Android is so addicting and frustratingly fun, you will be replaying every 10 levels to level up just to make progress. The monsters move fast, they strike hard, and are just relentless in their pursuit to take you out. Donning your bow and quiver of arrows is only the beginning of fun, the rest is up to your archery prowess. Aim right and Defend your castle with Defender for Android!

Send Streams Of Arrows To Vanquish Hordes Of Enemies

The games controls are very responsive to the touchscreen as streams of arrows can be sent in any direction. But get ready because sometimes the enemies will come from every direction all at once and your finger will be busy dragging and dropping spells, sometimes another finger will be safe just to wipe out 300 monsters on your touchscreen.

Upgrade Your Magic With Armageddon, Frost Nova, and Ragnarok

The magic tiers are fun to level up with. You start with basic fire, ice, and electricity spells that can be upgraded to Armageddon, Frost Nova, and another big spell, huge spell, better than all the spells in Harry Potter, called Ragnarok. After dragging and dropping a spell where you want it to hit, your magic meter will have a downtime.

Defender is a game of endless fun and once you shoot that first arrow to defend your castle, you will not stop!


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