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Den of Sleaze - Supreme Court shows the door to President of B C C I.

Updated on March 27, 2014
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

No need to teach how to Play.

Children as young as a little girl of 4 years knows how to play cricket.This is a fun game with just a bat and a ball.The father throws the ball and the child hits it the way a professional player would hit.The little girl enjoys the game and keeps playing till the father gets tired of running after the ball and throwing again and again.

While hitting the little girl is serious that she connects to the ball and does not bother if she hits or not but keeps playing.She has no other thought but her entire concentration is on the ball and not the Bat she holds.connecting the bat to the ball happens in split second which her mind does with out a thought.All the little girl has to do is to synchronize the Bat to the Ball again this happens on her action for a split second, thus she tries to hit the Ball.Now it's the father who has to throw the Ball in such a way at proper height and angle so that she hits it thus he FIXES the Ball.This is FIXING..He goes on doing it and there is no restrictions on number of Balls as in the game of cricket where the number of Balls to be bowled or thrown is limited to only 6 Balls.

We the kids of 1950's played the game of cricket as a sports with so much interest that no evening was spent with out playing cricket first and later when it was late in the evening when we could not see the ball perfectly we would pack our kit and go home.There were very senior boys who had there own appointed place reserved would also play cricket as a challenge game with their own club names.One club would invite another club to play with them and would agree to meet the lunch expenses,it was a challenge that had no option but to accept and play on a fixed date from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM with 30 minutes or as agreed time for lunch.All 11 players would play in both the teams in the first innings.There would be only one innings for 11 players to play and score as much as possible.When 10 people were out as per game rules the next team would play their innings and it was a win if they overtook the score made by the team who played first.There would be a toss before the start of the game by the 2 teams with the umpire being present during the toss.It was a option open for the captain of the team to play first who has won the toss or tell the opposite team captain team to play.The time to end the play being fixed the umpire would signal the team that is fielding that they have only 6 balls to end the game.If the team that is fielding is unable to over take the first teams score would lose the match and all players would greet each other and that would be the end of the game.We the boys of 50's would all go and watch the play during such matches.We had our own intelligence reporters to report such matches.We would pack our lunch and be present till the end of the game.One such senior boy was Dr.Kesav Das who is 82 years old and is having his own clinic in Malleswaram,Bangalore today.

Cricket comes to Colleges and Universities.

During our High School there was cricket in few colleges and soon it spread to all colleges and all universities in our Mysore State.( Now Karnataka.)

Colleges has their own teams with sports teacher managing the team as team manager.Every college had their team and there would be friendly matches between colleges and like wise between universities.Somebody started sponsoring a trophy for a inter college cricket championship matches.Who or which college will win the finals was a challenge to all the colleges.and most of the colleges accepted and played the matches which was managed by a senior cricket player from the state level player.

These state level players were selected from state level cricket control body and such body's were in most of the states except the Himalayan border states which had no colleges during the 1950's in Independent India.

Ranji Trophy Starts.

In the Year 1934 - 35 the Britishers who were ruling India and who thought that their country's game must dominate India started a cricket champion trophy between states who had a cricket body playing first class cricket as per their standards and named the trophy as ' Ranji Trophy ' after a cricketer by name Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji known as " Ranji " who was playing cricket in England at that time.The Trophy was donated by Maharaja Bhupender Singh of Patiala.

Cricket was now a National Game..

Cricket is now a National Shame in India.

Match Fixing by Gamblers.

The Royal Game was converted from ' Test Cricket ' as was played during the British Rule to just ' One Day Cricket ' with limited number of Balls to Bat,after that few people who wanted India to adopt a method of playing cricket from the original 5 day series to One Day series and soon to add more spice to the game it was again converted from only day to day and night.

One Fine day the entire profile of Cricket was changed to Cricket Teams with International Players in one team selecting by buying the players from people who were loaded with money from film industry by film stars and industrialists.It was called by fancy names and it was known as I P L ot T20 matches with 120 Balls for a team to play and score runs to win.This was now a big craze to cricket lovers as International Players from neighboring countries like Sri Lanka,Pakistan and Bangladesh including Australia & England all of them playing in India which was a Big Feast to the Eyes to watch being played by a new method of inauguration with girls dressed half naked dancing with fire works and lighting.

Cricket Betting which was in the back ground with few bookies suddenly jumped sky high.

The Year 2013 saw this game gambling at Rs.40,000 Crore Gambling and no one spoke about this Den of Sleaze until the police stumbled upon the guy who had gone crazy with money he got from just throwing 6 balls for a payment of Rs.70,00,000.00 and speaking with another guy who was under the police scanner for some other illegal national security activity.The police got their eyes and ears bulged when they heard what was going on over cell phones from one party to another.They had all evidence needed and pounced upon the guy and made him sing in prison.What he said surprised and shocked and put the entire nation in deep shock with media blazing the news day and night with skeletons falling from the cupboard contiguously..

How was this gambling going on and was done is now no secret every one knows.We have to watch and wait till we hear what media says on TV and what the judges verdict will be.Till such time we feel let down by few rotten apples.

Bharat Ratna.

What is Bharat Ratna. This is the highest civilian honor given to Indians who excel in a given profession due to their hard work in any area that makes the person recognize him as a worlds most and best person in achieving some thing that no other person had done in the history of the country or the world.Who were the Indians that were awarded Bharat Ratna or in simple word Bharat which means India and Ratna means in Sanskrit Diamond.

  • The First Indian - Chakravarti Rajagopalachari. ( First Governor General of India )
  • The First Vice President and President of India Dr.Servepalli Radhakrishnan.
  • Sir.Dr.C.V.Raman.
  • Dr.Abdul Kalam and 38 others.
  • Who is the person or who are the persons who nominate the person to get this country's highest award?
  • The President of India & The Prime Minister of India.Just the 2 persons decide for the entire community of every profession in the country and any great achievement done by any civilian in the country.
  • No one was awarded any Bharat Ratna in the years 1956,1959,1960,1964,1965,1968,1969,1970,1972,1973,1974.1977,1978,1979,1981,1982,1985,1986,1989,1993,1994,1995,1996,2000,2001,2011,2012,2013.
  • No one received any Bharat Ratna for 28 years.No one in the country deserved any BHARAT RATNA for infrequently for 28 years.
  • Only 1 person was awarded in the year 1957,1958,1962,1966,1971,1975,19761980,1983,1987,1988,1990 and 2008.
  • Only 2 persons were awarded in the year - 1981 and 2008.
  • Only 3 Persons were awarded in the Year - 1954,1955,1991,1992,1987,1998,and 1999.
  • One Cricketer was awarded Bharat Ratna in sports category in the year 2014 ( Announced ) - The Richest Person in INDIA who was paid crores of Rs. to play cricket. for our country.
  • There is no question of these persons who were awarded Bharat Ratna being not eligible they deserve it with out question.
  • The question is why give 1,2 or 3.
  • Why no one was eligible in so many years as shown above in sports category.
  • Why drag Bharat Ratna in to this Den of Cricket by political parties in the election year.

Ranji Trophy.

This trophy was donated by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala.
This trophy was donated by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala. | Source


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