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Describe your childhood, the environment, the toys you enjoyed playing, and some good memories with your friends.

Updated on May 29, 2008

I grew up in a suburb. I remember all the houses were on stilts, made from wood and have toilets outside the house. However, the fun was my neighbours were all about my age.

My parents allowed my sisters and I full freedom to explore the village where we lived. That was the reason why I had so many friends, even before I was five years old!

The village where we lived was located a few hundred meters away from the seaside. Sometimes during the weekends, my parents would bring the whole family there. Once, I led a group of friends there. However, I received scorns and a few strokes of the cane from my parents for doing so. I was only five or six years old then! I did not even know that I was not supposed to cross the road without the assistance of an adult!

I remember the people in my village were nice and friendly. There were a few particular old people whom we, the children always waved to whenever we met them. Once, my mother was shocked when I told her that the old woman who lived behind our house looked rather weak and depressed. She did not say anything until she had a talk with another neighbor. Then she told us to stop talking about the old woman. As children, we all thought nothing of it until years later, I found out that the woman had died a few months before we moved into the village!

My parents were government servants and because of that, they were often transferred to a new place every few years. My parents always made sure my siblings and I had good education and made many friends in school. They did not criticise our friends in school. They did not stop us from befriending the children in our neighborhood.

One of the bad time I always remember was the two neighbors on both sides of my house quarreled. The women shouted at each other using some foul language aloud. Although my parents could not understand what they said, I knew it was embarrassing. We, the children could understand what they said and made fun of the two women. My poor mother had to keep a stern watch over us so that we were not involved in their quarrels. Once the two women met in the village market and not only they exchanged 'foul' words, they also exchanged some blows and slaps! Such fun for us children to watch real-time fights between two housewives. It did not help that their husbands were long time colleagues.

My childhood friends like to play catch and hide and seek. We all usually like to go and play in a constructing area. There were many bricks and stones around for us to hide. We all stop going there when one of us, a boy, slipped and fell into a hole. We all ran home. I told my father, who then contacted the boy's parents. The boy was saved but he had a broken leg. Then, we were all contented to play outside my house. My friends would gathered outside after dinner to chat.

I love reading, but had nobody to share my passion except for my sisters. They were interested in what I read and would always take away my books without permission. I had a mini library where i kept all my books there. Those books were actually passed on to me by my father and uncles. Most of the books were now considered classics!

Now, I do not have the chance to meet any of my childhood friends. Some of them were even my school mates then! These few growing up precious memories are the only ones that can make me smile when I see young children playing together.


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    • profile image

      Harpinder dhillon 

      3 years ago

      I also lyk my childhood moments

    • profile image

      Yahmi patel 

      5 years ago

      L like my childhood

    • profile image

      Charlotte Mauricio 

      6 years ago

      Me 2.. good moment's we had!

    • profile image

      isabelle marnah 

      7 years ago

      i also had some interesting childhood memories.i really like mine memorable childhood.

    • profile image

      carol newton 

      7 years ago

      i really like those memories

    • lancedimetri profile image

      Jose Presidente Medina 

      10 years ago from Philippines

      I miss some of my childhood friends too.


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