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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Review

Updated on November 16, 2019

Shadowkeep is the latest addition to destiny 2's famous group first perspective game launched by Banji Studio on October 1, 2019, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and has won praise from many fans and critics alike.

After the many mistakes and problems that the game complained about, the studio tries through the addition and modernization that accompanied it to create a positive new beginning of the game through which he aspires to more turnout and attract more players to the world of the game, as Shadow Cape is able to update, develop and grow.

Designed to suit experienced veteran players in the series, who are looking for greater challenges and difficulties, the addition is smaller than the previous addition Forsaken but is still considered a huge addition full of content and modifications to the gaming systems, and we will talk about the most important Its features and new ones respectively.

The story is developed in shadow cape short-lived but fun from start to finish, taking place on the moon after humans discover a mysterious anonymous signal emitted, and Iris Morne asks players to help her decipher the mystery of the dark place the solar system was roaming in search of.

The studio made several major changes to the design of the moon, to make it better than it looked in the first part of Destiny. The moon map is three times the size of its previous design in the first part and was built based on the old design and there are many familiar places that were previously found on its surface such as the gate of hell, as well as players will notice the presence of many large ground cracks on the moon, may One of them came out of one of them a large red fortress with new monsters named Iris Morne as the nightmare monsters, and the players will witness the sudden return of former evil leaders who defeated them, and look like a nightmare past that follows them in the present, but this time it will be even more deadly and terrifying.

After the studio became free from the publisher company, it changed the way the financing of the game, where it added the system of season pass in modern games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty with two systems either free or paid, and players no longer need to pay $80 a year to get the supplement They can choose the accessories they want to get and then sign up for a small amount in about 40 days for just $10, and when you buy a shadowed cape you'll get a free season subscription for the first time.

The studio's first season, "The Undying", is about vixen and adds a new game phase called The Fix Attack, in which players fight several waves of fix before facing a powerful leader.

If you're playing the free version of Destiny 2 you'll make a tiring effort to get the shields that allow your character to evolve and reach level 960, while if you have the addition of Shadow Cape you will get a rare tool known as "Gate Lord's" Eye that enables you to collect points of experience and progress in the While playing the events or events you love without having to play certain styles or challenges and finding and switching equipment and armor, this is one of the most important modifications brought by the addition of Shadow Cape to the game.

A new move that came with Shadow Cape, allowing you to end the opponents after some damage to them, can do the movement after the appearance of an indicator above their heads, where the character of the game jumps and strikes a devastating blow to the opponent, but still be careful before doing it because some opponents may explode causing damage to the character.

The studio has made a major adjustment to the mechanism of the work of shields in the game, where players can use the shields that they like their shape and modify their features with the shields that contain the features they desire, and long wanted lovers of the series to have this possibility for years which is considered a big leap in the march The game.

If you love challenging experiences, the studio, through Shadow Cape, offers you two big events, the first of which is raid mode and you need a few hours to finish it with the help of a team of six players as usual, and the second event of the Fix attack mode, which looks like one of the best stand-up and survival modes ever. In the world of the game and allow six players to subscribe to it, we hope the studio will add more new maps to this mode in the future.

Bungie studio is still making a lot of effort for the third year in a row for the release of the game, in my personal opinion the situation of the attack of the Vix is considered one of the strongest and best things I have experienced in adding Shadow Cape and certainly I advise everyone to try it because it is a unique situation worth your time, and I have got through it much equipment Rarely, while repeating many times, we hope the studio will design more additions and new modes, and that is no less than the level of previous additions that have brought so much to the world of the series.


  • Easy to progress in your personality in a fun way
  • The possibility of modifying the advantages of shields
  • The movement to end the special opponents
  • Season System
  • The moon's design is amazing.
  • Resilience and Survival Mode "Fix Attack"
  • Rare new equipment


  • Put the story short and consider it lower than the first story phase that was released with the game.
  • The story mode seems to be the beginning of a new story and not as independent in itself as the previous story.
  • The add-on size of Shadow Cape is less than the size of the Forsaken add-on.

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