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Destiny: A Storyline At The Crossroads

Updated on January 26, 2017

As I said in my last piece that I wrote, we all have preferences when it comes to your choice of games. The beauty of gaming today is that there are as many variations of the same genre as people that want to play them. A particular game that I enjoy and have invested a lot of time into is a game called Destiny, a first person shooter created by Bungie, famed creators of a little Microsoft exclusive series called Halo, which you may have heard of. The reason why I’m writing about this game is because despite the fact that I enjoy the game, it’s not without its flaws (as naturally there is with any game.) I’ve played this game from day one when it was initially released, I still have the first special edition white Playstation 4 console that it came with, which I still prefer to the black version.

So, “In your opinion, what is the greatest flaw in the game?” I hear you say. The main downside that kind of spoils the game for me, is its lack of a storyline, the main reason why most of us get hooked and addicted to games in the first place. Now that’s not to say there isn’t any, as there is a story to it, but there is a lack of padding to it, it’s fairly easy, even if you are on your own and it can be completed rather quickly. I know that there are other aspects to this game, like the crucible, the heroic strikes and the raids naturally, which add social elements to the game, which I feel is a major positive for the game, (and I personally indulge in the social side of this game quite frequently.)

Oh hey, I can see my house from here. Hey Mum, look at me!!
Oh hey, I can see my house from here. Hey Mum, look at me!!

Another reason why I don’t like the storyline is that there really isn’t a reward for completing the story, and that just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Although the rewards you get you can only receive from finishing the story, but it’s never anything to really shout home about (still think they should re-release The Stranger’s Rifle, like they did with the Khvostov.) So I believe that I have an idea which could remedy this. Now I won’t go into specifics because that would require an intense amount of thought and a lot of time that I don’t have due to personal and professional reasons. But I just want to speak about a few things that could resurrect some people’s flailing interest in the game, I’ll headline each one and speak about it in a little more depth...

Make it a little more difficult

I think this should be a fundamental change in the story going forward. I feel that the storyline can be a little lackadaisical at times, although it has tightened up a little bit in the year 2 version. During the story missions, enemies that you encounter aren’t terribly frightening, even when they are in huge numbers, and you can sometimes feel unchallenged. So naturally it’d make sense to make the enemies a little harder, like they do in the strikes. Whether they increase health, armour, weaponry or even add modifiers for the missions, it just needs to feel like there’s a better contest to be had.

A Blast From The Past: In Year 2, Bungie re-released the Khvostov, the very first gun you'll use in the storyline, with a lot more customisation options than you'll remember.
A Blast From The Past: In Year 2, Bungie re-released the Khvostov, the very first gun you'll use in the storyline, with a lot more customisation options than you'll remember.

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Make the storyline/missions longer

An additional gripe that I’ve already mentioned is the length of the entire episode itself, it can be over before you can really get into it, probably because the makers are Bungie want you to invest your time in the other parts of the Destiny universe (in which, you’ll get caught up in the infamous Destiny grind.) In my opinion, I want a game to have a great first impression, as that’s the reason you get into the game in the first place. It’s like having a meal in a restaurant, you want the first impression (be it the restaurant itself, the staff, the food etc.,) to be amazing, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy the rest of it, because you’ll be focused on what’s wrong, rather than what’s right.

A longer story mode which goes into greater detail about the world you run around in gives a more immersive feel and increases enjoyment in the game (like Skyrim for example, one the most addictive games I’ve ever played, and it has over 200 hours of gameplay.) More can sometimes be better, if it’s utilised correctly.

With these upgrades, you ever stood a chance... Or this could've been a little overkill.
With these upgrades, you ever stood a chance... Or this could've been a little overkill.

Greater rewards for completing the storyline

This is the one I think would get people playing and making their way to end of the storyline. Like I alluded to earlier, rewards upon completion aren’t anything to go out of your way for. Inherently, those with multiple characters will select their main class to breeze through the story. So here is my suggestion as to how you could get people completing the story with all 3 characters, and it is this...

What if that when you finished all of the required missions, you were to receive an exotic piece? (Whether it’s armour or weaponry it doesn’t matter, could work either way.) Now I know what some will say, “But, DeadEyedDragon, you receive an exotic sword from completing the year 2 story!” Yes, you’re right, but what I’m thinking is a little different. What if, when you finish the storyline, you went back to your chosen vanguard (Cayde, Ikora or Zavala) and they were to offer you a CLASS SPECIFIC piece of exotic equipment (if it so happens to be weaponry, therefore you’re not able to transfer it across characters,) which you can have a choice from and you can only pick one (choose wisely as you won’t get another chance, which I think will add a little more variation to people’s armoury.)

These pieces in question will be at the maximum light level available, which, if the storyline is elongated and made more difficult, will feel like more of a prize. Furthermore, these pieces in question, like all the other exotics, will have special abilities, but as I mentioned earlier, they will be class specific, so they could three special abilities depending on what subclass you use.

Imagine, instead of having one special ability of your exotic gear, you had one piece that had three...
Imagine, instead of having one special ability of your exotic gear, you had one piece that had three...

For example, if you had a hunter, your three subclasses are; Gunslinger, Bladedancer and Voidwalker. Your special abilities could be something along the lines of; Golden Gun lasts longer when active; Arc Blade spawns more orbs of light per kill or Shadowshot gains toxic effect, dealing damage over time. These are just examples I come up with and I know the creators at Bungie could come up with some better ones. You would have a choice of all types of armour or weapons, which all would have different abilities (possibly.) This I feel would be a great idea in order to get people playing, and it would give them a choice in order to develop their character better and like I said, would add a little more variation to people’s armouries.

Anyway, these are the main things that I feel will enhance the feel of the game and get more people playing again and immerse new players into the game. But these are just my ideas. What do you think, how do you think the game could be improved? Leave your suggestions below.


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      19 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      Terrific work! Great text and lay-out. Enjoyed your hub.

      Stay with it and write every chance that you get.


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