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Destiny Gameplay

Updated on June 23, 2014
Destiny characters
Destiny characters | Source


Although this game will be available in July 2014 and still on Alpha mode, this game still have many things to offer like:

  1. Destiny will build a new game engine that allows global illuminations and real-time dynamic lighting to occur together.
  2. Better matchmaking system that ensures that new players will be matched with their respective levels.
  3. Players will have the opportunity to create a character that choose both race and class, which will have a massive effect on how Destiny is played and character development.
  4. Having the freedom to choose a class that has its own focus which is a special ability that can be used in co-op missions and competitive matches to turn the tides in the player's favour.

More ways to play

Destiny is the next evolution of the first-person shooting game that has the combination of storytelling, cooperative, competitive, and public gameplay. This game is is seamlessly woven into an expansive, persistent online world that gives you the choice to come alone or join up with your friends (of course playing with friends is awesome).

Create your legend

Destiny gives you the freedom to personalize and upgrade every aspect of how you look and fight with a nearly limitless combination of armor, weapons, and visual customizations. Destiny can be played into every mode like campaign, cooperative, public, social, and of course multiplayer.

Game Modes

Destiny can be played in unique game mode names just for the game:

  • Crucible - or the competitive multiplayer which allows you to compete with other Guardians in the arena that span into Solar System. Winning this mode can earn you rewards and reputation
  • Explore - the on-demand adventure, use this mode to revisit the worlds that you visit and gather resources to upgrade your gears and armors. You can also link up with other Guardians that are wandering and find adventures.
  • Strike - the cooperative multiplayer that allows you to form a firearm, a group of three guardians which gives you freedom to infiltrate enemy stronghold.
  • Tower - the third-person social place that allows you to rearm, regroup, and form new alliances.
  • Story - this where you can play the Destiny's rich storyline and quests.


Like every characters in a role-playing game, Destiny have skills and abilities that boost the characters strength and survivability in-game. In Destiny, it is called focus that can be;

  • offensive
  • defensive
  • buffing (this is for the player's 3-man fireteam)

And just like any RPG, the characters also have super which acts as the ultimate that a Guardian can be used in battles. The super has skill tree that can be used as reference for building a strong character.


Special Skills


  • Voidwalker - Hurl an explosive bolt of Void Light at the enemy, disintegrating those caught within its blast.
  • Firesinger - Fill yourself with Solar Light, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of all your abilities.


  • Striker - Smash the ground and dissolve enemies in a maelstrom of Arc Light.
  • Defender - Shape Void Light into an indestructible shield to protect you and your allies from harm.


  • Gunslinger - enemies with Solar Light.
  • Bladedancer - Charge your blade with Arc Light and consume your foes with lightning.


In this game, the characters are called the Guardians which looks the the character in Halo. The Guardians are divided into three classes such as:

  1. Titan - Their lightning-charged fists will knock you off your feet. Their armor and shields make them nearly invincible. We like to think they are our faceless knights, protecting us from our countless enemies. But their power and resolve gives them the air of rising Gods.
  2. Warlock - They’ve found a way to weaponize their curiosity, harnessing the Traveler’s light in patterns never before imagined. Warlocks are not passive scholars of the unknown. These are mystic warriors, capable of incredible acts of devastation.
  3. Hunter - Quick on the trigger and deadly with a blade, Hunters stalk battlefields as if they were hunting prey. Cunning and ruthless, they prize the undiscovered and prepare for the unexpected, channeling their powers by intuition and gut instinct.

Destiny Gameplay Video

5 stars for Destiny

This game is really a lot! A very good storyline, awesome characters, and very good graphics. This game is a combination of action-shooting game + role-playing game.

Destiny will be out in July 2014 so don't dare miss it!
Destiny will be out in July 2014 so don't dare miss it! | Source

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