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Updated on May 13, 2016

The game Destiny is based on the year of 2631, yes I know, the game is light years ahead of us now. The game is similar to Halo in some concepts. It deals with extraterrestrial creatures, or Aliens if you must. The game starts of with a ghost searching through what seems to be a terrible aftermath. No, the ghost isn't really a ghost.

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"In its dying breath, The Traveler created the Ghosts to seek out those who can wield its Light as a weapon—Guardians—to protect us and do what the Traveler itself no longer can.
― The Speaker, Destiny, Restoration

A Ghost is a levitating artificial intelligence used by Guardians. Ghosts support Guardians by performing certain actions such as illuminating darkened areas, hacking Golden Age technology, and informing Guardians of incoming hostile threats. Ghosts also have a navigation mode which locate mission objectives and Faction missions from the Tower.
Ghosts originated from The Traveler's technology and Light and seek out their Guardian companions from the ancient dead, reviving them, and afterwards, resurrecting them continuously if they are killed by the forces of The Darkness."

You can select from three different race. You have the Warlocks, which consist mostly of magic-like abilities, the Hunters, which are similar to a rogue in MMORPG medieval games, and the Titans, which are similar to warriors. Although, they can all use the same weapons, but they have different armor and accessories. The game is extremely well graphically enhanced, even better on the newer systems. According to statistics, Destiny made over $500 millions in pre-order and one day sales. If you ask me, that's insane. They won way too many awards for the game. And were nominated for a lot of the awards. Here's a link to check it out for yourself

The game is really a MMORPG game. You need to have PSN or Xbox Live in order to be able to play this game. The game has several updates to it so it may take a long time to download before you can actually play it. You also need to have enough space in your hard drive in order to download it. The Bungie company constantly updates the game to add new items. As of right now the level has a cap. After a certain amount of time they update it and raise the cap. I think it's to give everyone a chance to catch up with the rest. They have several different cults or groups, clans, associations, or what ever you want to call it. You pretty much get to decide which one you want to join. They have the story mode that you can do, or play multiplayer mode. It's just like every other shooting game. That mode is called "Crucible." They also have another game mode called "Vanguard". The vanguard mode is doing a boss mission with two other fellow companions.

Below, I am posting a video of the game Destiny. The video is going to be the most recent trailer.

Uncommon, rare, legendary, and exotic. Those are the types of weapons and armor which indicates how strong the weapons and armored are.
Uncommon- Are weapons for low level, starters.
Rare- Are for those that are mid-way.
Legendary- Are for those of high levels.
Exotics- Are for people who are lucky enough to find it. And, although, you do have to be at the latest highest level, it is the strongest type of weapons and armor.

The colors for those are green for uncommon, blue for rare, purple for legendary, and yellow for exotic.

If you have read any of my previous post, please follow me. I usually post about games and review them. As of now I am just writing about some of the games, but I am hoping that I can soon make videos of games selected by you. Every game I talk about I have played it. My writings are for those gamers that like to play any games. I really do appreciate anyone who follows and I do not mind any feedback that you might have. I usually do my writing from my iPhone and I am aware of the fact that I sometimes make errors. Please fell free to email me at with any questions or concerns. Thank you.

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