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Destiny: How To Beat Devil Walker Boss (The Devils Lair Strike)

Updated on July 28, 2014

Destiny Beta Boss: Devil Walker

There is a very tough powerful boss that you will face in Destiny. This mechanical robot resembles a spider. It's very large and can deal a lot of damage and can also take a lot of damage. The enemy boss will be encountered in Destiny when you partake in the "Devil's Lair Strike" mission.

Although the boss is challenging, the Devil Walker does not move from it's position fortunately. Players can keep their distance if they lose health or want to deal damage to the boss by shooting it from a safer distance.

How To Defeat Devil Walker In Destiny

The Devil's Lair Strike Mission in Destiny

Shoot the legs!

It's extremely important to shoot the legs of the Devil Walker. The boss is most vulernable in the legs. Some areas of the Devil Walker boss are immune to damage and some areas take less damage. If the damage numbers are yellow, then that means you are dealing higher damage.

Focus on one leg at a time!

All players should focus on one particular leg of the Devil Walker. If a leg is destroyed the boss will fall over and will reveal it's brain. Attack the brain with powerful weapons then run away before the Devil Walker attacks again.

Spread out!

Do not stay too close to your team mates! The Devil Walker shoots powerful explosive bombs and can easily take out an entire fire team. If all players are killed at once then you will have to start over! Spread out!

Use A Sniper Rifle

Use a sniper rifle to deal damage to the Devil Walker from a safer distance. You can also use the sniper rifle to take care of the Fallen enemies who will be assisting the boss.

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Devil Walker Boss

Devil's Lair Strike Mission in Destiny BETA

Take Cover & Do Not Stay Out in Open Too long!

The Devil Walker can deal some serious damage in Destiny Beta. Use cover as much as possible! Peak in and out of covering while shooting the spider boss. You may be able to stay out in the open temporarily if the Devil Walker is focusing on other players, though.

Don't always revive team mates!

If the Devil Walker takes out two of your team mates, do no not attempt to revive them. Wait until they respawn. It's too risky to revive a teammate, especially when they died close to the Devil Walker or in an area with little cover.

Scavenge Area For Ammo

Since the Devil Walker is very strong in Destiny, you will need a ton of ammo to defeat it. After killing some of the Fallen minions, scavenge the ground to pick up more ammo. Look for special ammo that can be used for machine guns and rocket launchers. Special ammo is in purple boxes (rare).

Kill the Grunts Protecting the Devil Walker Spider Boss

Although a lot of focus should be placed on destroying the legs of the boss, make sure to eliminate the grunts that are protecting the boss. They can deal some serious damage to you when they are in groups. Plus they drop ammo that you will need!

Keys for Defeating Devil Walker Boss in Destiny

  1. Attack the legs (one at a time to destroy them faster).
  2. Run up to the vulnerable brain of the boss when it is down, and use a powerful weapon to damage the weak spot.
  3. Shoot from cover as much as possible (using a sniper if you have one).
  4. Take out enemies guarding the boss.
  5. Scavenge for ammo when you get low.
  6. Spread out! Do not say in a group, otherwise the Devil Walker will annihilate your entire Destiny fire team.


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