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Destiny: Rise of Iron August 16 ViDoc

Updated on August 16, 2016

August 16 Destiny Forged in Fire ViDoc

August 16, 2016 will forever go down in enfamy with Destiny fans all across the world. It is the day that Bungie finally brought private matches to the crucible! This is a great shift for Destiny and will forever change the way we play the game. In addition to this change they brought a lot of new information to the table that will add new ways that we play the crucible. Check out all of the changes below or watch the video for the full 8 minute rundown.

There where a lot of new additions released today and the below text attempts to put them into an brief synopsis but nothing will do the full video justice aside from watching it yourself. The initial release of Destiny was so amazing but the first two expansions did not live up to that same level of hype. Bungie brought back that hype with The Taken King and everything they have done since then. It has only intensified with the release of this video showing the changes that we can expect in a little over one month.

Follow my article here if you would like more information on the new game mode Supremacy, New Strike, New Raid, Archon’s Forge, or New Multiplayer Maps.

Changes Coming to Rise of Iron

Khvostov 7G-OXFellwinter’s Peak

  • New Weapons
  • 3 new multiplayer maps
  • New multiplayer mode called Supremacy.
  • New Raid, Wrath of the Machine
  • New Strike, The Wretched Eye
  • New Armor and Gear, can add “ornaments” to gear and weapons that change the look completely.
  • Story Campaign with new characters and cinematics
  • New public events and patrols
  • New social space, Fellwinter’s Peak
  • New area, Plaguelands.
  • New enemy, SIVA and the Fallen Splicers
  • New game mode called Archon’s Forge
  • New artifact system with different talents.
  • They brought back the Gjallarhorn and Khvostov 7G-OX (as an exotic now)!

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