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Destiny PS3 Review

Updated on July 8, 2017

Background about me

I bought the game about 5-6 months after it was released but played the first couple of missions. Now, I've come back and play the game with platinuming in mind, but I've noticed some obstacles in the game that are very frustrating. While overall, the game is amazing from the play to the graphics, there are places for improvement I will talk about.

Destiny PS3

Destiny - Standard Edition - PlayStation 3
Destiny - Standard Edition - PlayStation 3


This version of the game is called "Vanilla Destiny". You get the base game and missions, but you can't equip Legendary or Exotic weapons, have a max level of 34 (as opposed to to 40 for those who buy the DLCs), and your PVP situation is pathetic.


Vanilla Destiny

The version of Destiny above is the original one, the one many gamers and I bought when the game was released. Unfortunately, new expansion packs have since made this useless (in my eyes) and the DLC, the Taken King, is needed to play the game.

Legendary Edition

Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition - PlayStation 3
Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition - PlayStation 3

This version of Destiny includes everything (except Rise of Iron, I think) and is worth buying if you want to play the full game. It includes "Vanilla Destiny", Expansions I and II, and the Taken King. This version is needed in order to play the game to the max.


Legendary Edition

This is the version worth buying, as it allows you to play the game to the max plus it gives you many more missions to play, each of which are amazing. Why I don't like the update is because it screwed every customer who bought the original game when it came out and now we have to buy virtually the entire game again to enjoy the game. When TF2 became a free game, Valve gave the paid players gifts, but Bungie hasn't done such a thing.


The game looks very good (though since I have only a 1080p tv and a PS3, I can't take it to the max). Not much else to say about it, though obviously a PS4 would make the game look even better.


Mission Depth

Missions? The game has missions? Oh yeah, you mean the one where he gets his first gun?

The missions are quite awful but good if you want A. new weapons B. a faster way to level up and C. you want to know more about the mythology of the Destiny universe, specifically the Solar System.


Do you like Destiny?

Do you like Destiny?

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