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Devil hunter walkthrough (levels 1-10)

Updated on March 27, 2012

This is a walkthrough of the first ten levels of Devil hunter.

Devil hunter is Android puzzle game with physics involved.

It is quite interesting new hit that reminds me of the old games like Incredible machine and Incredible toons. They were quite fun and challenging at later levels.

Here, you don't need to save Sid or Tom.

Here you only need to kill all the devils in the level with any means (found also on the map)

First 10 levels are easy and are introductory, so you have a good grasp on the main tools for killing devils.

You can download the game for your Android phone or tablet, directly from Android market.

So, on to the easy levels: ...

Level 1 introduces the disappearing pentragram brick.
Level 1 introduces the disappearing pentragram brick. | Source

Level 1

This level is introductory.

It shows you how to use the hexagram brick.

Just blow the brick by tapping it with finger and the devil will fall on the spikes.

If you make it above 95 point (5 seconds or less) you get 3 stars.

Level 2 introduces the chain, the eye and the bomb.
Level 2 introduces the chain, the eye and the bomb. | Source

Level 2

This level is also introductory. It shows how to use the chain and the bomb. The eye has another use (you will get it explained on later level).

  1. Slash the chain with your finger. The eye will fall between the 2 devils and they will roll and fall in the small alcoves.
  2. Drop the bomb over the left one by releasing the brick. The bomb activates when hitting hard surface like concrete (or devil's head (or got hit by an eye)).
  3. Drop the spike on the right one by releasing the other brick.

Done. It is very hard for you to NOT get 3 stars. (2 of them are on the map, you can't miss them)

Level 3 introduces some more physics.
Level 3 introduces some more physics. | Source

Level 3

This level explains sliding.

Sliding is caused by explosions or unstable heavy objects on a slope or edge.

In this case they are sliding because of bomb's blowing beside them.

Release both bombs at the same time, so the 2 spike traps collide in the center below the Big-devil-grape.

Cut the chain.

They all die.

Score 92+ gives 3 stars.

Level 4 introduces the bubble
Level 4 introduces the bubble | Source

Level 4

This is another introduction. It shows how to use the bubble.

When a bubble pops, everything around it is caught by the shockwave and scatters.

The difference is, that this shockwave does not activate the bomb timers and don't trigger explosions (about this - later). It also does not kill devils. Only pushes them around.

Simply blow the bubble by tapping it.

The bigger the baloon - the bigger the shockwave. This one will send everything around and below, successfully killing the 2 devils.

Score 95+ = 3 stars.

Level 5 is tricky if you want 3 stars
Level 5 is tricky if you want 3 stars | Source

Level 5

This level needs a bit of precision and timing.

You need to slash the chain and blow the bubble at some exact time (a fraction of the second before the bubble hits the ground), so the shockwave sends the 2 devils in a jumpy trajectory.

They need to hit the other 2 devils on the side and push them over the spikes, but in the same time the 2 devils need to ricoch├ęt a bit in the air to collect the 2 stars.

If your devils hit both stars, you will pass the level with 3 stars. Otherwise, it is impossible - even if you are very quick.

If you don't time it well, you will still pass the level, but with only one star.

Level 6 is all about bubbles :D
Level 6 is all about bubbles :D | Source

Level 6

You need a bit of luck in this one.

The clockwork gears will try to stop the round spike trap to kill your devils. (because they are heavy and quickly take the place of the blown bubbles)

In the same time, you need to send at least one devil high enough to collect the lone star (top right gear).

I've found, that if you start blowing bubbles one-by-one quickly from top to bottom, one of the devils always hit the star before the spikes kill it.

Try it few times. You will get it. Eventually. If not by luck - then by rampaging all bubbles.

Level 7 introduces levers and bars.
Level 7 introduces levers and bars. | Source

Level 7

This is the first one that needs exact order or nothing happens at all.

  1. Release the bomb, when it falls and the timer starts ...
  2. Blow the bubble.

The devil will jump in the air, while the brick blown by the bomb goes sliding below the devil.

All the way to the right pushing the rotating bar. This will activate the falling of spiked bar. It falls exactly where it needs to.


Do it in 5 seconds and you get 3 stars.

Level 8 needs timing AND precision.
Level 8 needs timing AND precision. | Source

Level 8

This is the first level that needs replaying few times to master and pass.

If you make it from the first try - then you are lucky. (and quick)

  1. Cut the first two bombs immediately after level start. First devil down.
  2. Release the skeleton devil from the chain EXACTLY when the platform closest edge is below him, or he will roll like an idiot kitten and fall down.
  3. Cut the other 2 bombs so the devil is blown.

If you do it all before the platform reaches the end - 3 stars.

Level 9 is all about timing
Level 9 is all about timing | Source

Level 9

Very easy.

You need to time the bubble's shockwave correctly and you are good to go.

One fraction of the second later or earlier and the devil gets squashed by the spike fan and can't push the other devil down.

Replay it few times and you will get the exact timing.

Level 10 is also about timing and a bit of precision.
Level 10 is also about timing and a bit of precision. | Source

Level 10

This one is quite easy, when you already know how to time the blows of the bubbles.

The platform is slow and you need to blow the bubble in the moment when the platform is heading in the direction the blown devil will land.

When you time the blow right, the devil will land on the other side and the platform will push him to collect the star and die on the spikes.

Repeat with the other devil.

Collecting both stars happens always, so if you are not extremely slow and unlucky - this level always gives 3 stars .

When done with the easy levels - Go to the next part of this walkthrough (levels 11-20). They are even more fun ;)


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