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Devil hunter walkthrough (levels 41-50)

Updated on April 19, 2012

If you came in this part of the walkthrough by mistake, previous parts can be found here:

Introductory levels 1-10.

Harder levels 11-20.

Even better levels 21-30.

Even more fun levels 31-40.

Those are the Last (so far) levels of the Devil hunter walkthrough:

Devil hunter walkthrough for Level 41.
Devil hunter walkthrough for Level 41. | Source

Level 41

Not hard if you have quick fingers.

  1. Blow bubble to get the cart going
  2. Slice left chain ...
  3. (...and quickly) blow the bubble...
  4. (...and quickly) cut the 2nd chain.

If done precisely, the bomb goes in the funnel, timer starts and it blows exactly over the moving cart.
In the meanwhile the first swing of the chained demon gives him momentum to land exactly on the moving cart and into the blowing bomb. (how good is that)

But it is actually only looking easy. I replayed it 10 times.

Score 94+ = 3 stars.

Devil hunter walkthrough for Level 42.
Devil hunter walkthrough for Level 42. | Source

Level 42

Not hard, but need some practice and patience.

4 cuts:

  • (1, 2) Separate the left bomb and cut it when almost swung left completely. This should kill left devil.
  • (3) quickly) separate the 2 devils when swinging right, so they land on the star.
  • (4) Wait for complete swing left and cut when it swings right. It must fall over the 2 chained devil heads as near as possible to the right devil, so the blow takes him too.

If you time the last cut well - 3 kills with 1 blow.

Score 115+ = 3 stars.

Devil hunter walkthrough for level 43.
Devil hunter walkthrough for level 43. | Source

Level 43

Worst level so far. Even 44 and 45 are easier than this one.

It is all about timing, and sorry - the only 2 hints I can give you except the bubble order:

  • "Blue devil needs to bounce once in the air when he hits the threshold over the bubble (2) and the bubble must be blown when the blue devil almost lands on the ground"
  • "Skeleton devil is very hard to aim and it needs to be in the air a bit left above the bubble (4) so the blow is gentle and does not make him bounce on the ceiling".

I replayed this level hundred times until I go 3 stars. You need score 93 or better. To do this, you need to be very quick (when the first devil jumps up, you alredy need to kick the second devil.

Edit: Other way around is to use the method provided by T. below. Looks faster, because you don't wait for the devils to go to the other bubble. Thanks T.

Devil hunter walkthrough for level 44.
Devil hunter walkthrough for level 44. | Source

Level 44

Incredibly easy, but still needs aiming.

  1. Remove obstacle.
  2. Cut left chain.
  3. Let the devil fall and blow him towards the spikes (needs some precision)
  4. When eye is swinging back to the left - Release the second chain so the eye pushes the other devil.

May need few replays to time the blow (3) correctly, but not hard at all.

(You may also get lucky with the skeleton devil and he bounces willingly on the spikes :D)

Score 92+ = 3 stars.

Devil hunter walkthrough for level 45.
Devil hunter walkthrough for level 45. | Source

Level 45

This one is so easy, that it is almost an insult to call it last level.

  1. Remove chain, or it will stop the bouncing eye.
  2. Release the bomb and the eye will push the pumpkin devil down.
  3. Release this chain (Important!) so the devil is simply staying over the eye.
  4. (A) Release the bomb and let it activate (B) Aim the release, so the eye hits the devil above the eye directly.
  5. Just remove the hexagram to kill blue devil.

That's all.

The only thing that can go wrong is aiming the small eye kicking the devil above the large eye so badly that he does not collect the star.

If you manage to aim his demise well - star gives score 113+ equal to 3 stars

Devil hunter level 46
Devil hunter level 46 | Source

Level 46


  • (2, 3) Release the bubble and blow it so the nurse devil grabs the star and stays above the bomb.
  • (1) Blow the bubble, so the eye activates the bomb and kills nurse devil.
  • (5) Wait for bubble to push blue devil a bit.
  • (4) Release the spiked hammer and when it is swinged right ...
  • (5) Blow the bubble so the devil is spiked.

Do 110 score for 3 stars. (only possible if you grab the star in the room level)

(and sorry for the random numbers on the diagram, it is another method to beat it for speed)

Level 47, can be done in 2 ways.
Level 47, can be done in 2 ways. | Source

Level 47

Two methods for passing this one, both tricky.

Method one.

  1. Remove both hexagrams.
  2. Release both chains, so the 3-rd chain will push the devil over the spikes
  3. (simultaneously with point 2) Blow bubble, so the devil jumps up.
  4. Release the bomb on the next right swing, so the other devil is blown.

This method works, but is too slow, you need precise releases and you risk activating the bomb with the pumpkin devil, effectively doing ABSOLUTELY nothing.

Method two.

  • Don't touch the hexagrams. Leave them be.
  • Release both chains.
  • Blow the bubble and the two devils wil gather together. (pumpkin demon falls down)
  • Release chain, so the bomb activates on the edge of the right platforms and blows exactly over both devils'heads.

Score 91+ for 3 stars. You need to be really quick.

Level 48 is not as hard as it looks, but may need few replays.
Level 48 is not as hard as it looks, but may need few replays. | Source

Level 48


  1. Cut the chain so the eyes start to swing.
  2. Release skeleton devil immeditely, so he does not get hit by the backswing but only slightly pushed over the spikes.
  3. Release brown devil when the left eye starts to backswing, so he is pushed slightly (not hit hard, only pushed)

If you time the brown devil right, he collects the star and dies over the spikes.

Score 118+ for 3 stars.

Level 49 needs some precision.
Level 49 needs some precision. | Source

Level 49

Very tricky if you want 3 stars.

  1. Release the bubble.
  2. Wait for left swing and cut the eye with right-to-left slash with finger. (maybe I am just imagining it, but you help accelerate the swing this way)
  3. When the bomb blows, aim for it to be almost leveled with the devil and blow the bubble.

3 things may get bad here:

  • Eye bounces on the edge of the platform and/or goes too slowly.
  • Eye does not hit the bomb but only activates it, so the bubble goes up vertically. (blowing it too near the devil will be hard to aim it correctly ... still doable though)
  • Bubble is blown too early and devil goes airborn.

Score 91+ for 3 stars.

Devil hunter Level 50. Just follow the numbers.
Devil hunter Level 50. Just follow the numbers. | Source

Level 50

Too easy.

Just quickly remove the hexagrams in the order described in the picture and you are set.

Score 118+ provides 3 stars.

Easy, yes? ;) --> Now go to the next levels 51+


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    • m0rd0r profile imageAUTHOR

      Stoill Barzakov 

      6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      It is quite interesting, and the android gadget (either phone or tablet) is quite the time-filler when you travel a lot by train or subway ;)

      Or are you an Apple addict ;) ?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Looks like an interesting game! Can't say I want an Android phone or tablet though......

    • m0rd0r profile imageAUTHOR

      Stoill Barzakov 

      6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Passed all of them, just need to do 48 and 50 with 3 stars and will begin writing the 2-nd half of the article.

      49 is pure speed clicking or failure.

      Detach the bubble (destroy hexagram) drop the eye when it is almost in down position axelerating to the left and it will go to the bomb almost directly without bouncing.

      The bubble must blow a bit left and above the devil, so he hits the thorns directly.

      score 91 = 3 stars.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      I'm stumped at 49... ! Darn

    • m0rd0r profile imageAUTHOR

      Stoill Barzakov 

      6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Yeah, just started the head scratching. Will add them in this article later when I am done with them.

      Thanks for alarming me, the game did not autoupdate the levels and I needed to update manually.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      another 5 levels just got added.. joy!

    • m0rd0r profile imageAUTHOR

      Stoill Barzakov 

      6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Got all 45 levels with 3 stars, but this did not unlock more levels :) I was hoping ...

    • m0rd0r profile imageAUTHOR

      Stoill Barzakov 

      6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Got it, thank you T.

      Score 93+ also makes 3 stars.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Level 43. The guy on the left needs to be shot up by the bubble on the left not the right, same with the skelton on the right needs to be shot up with the bottom bubble on the right so the skelton on the left gets shot on the spikes on the left and the other hits the spikes on th right. I got a score of 94 and 3 stars.

    • m0rd0r profile imageAUTHOR

      Stoill Barzakov 

      6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Yes, I've tried this but I can't manage to do better score than 90, and 90 gives 2 stars only.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The best way to beat level 43 is: first pop ball 1 to hit blue guy, hit ball 2 so blue guy flys to spikes i right. then pop ball 4 then as skeleton moves pop ball 3 so the skeleton flys over to spikes on left.


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