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Devil hunter walkthrough (levels 51-55)

Updated on April 19, 2012

The latest 5 levels by the developer. If you want hints on the previous levels, have a look here:

Introductory levels 1-10.

Harder levels 11-20.

Even better levels 21-30.

Even more fun levels 31-40.

Some more fun levels 41-50.

Those are the Last (so far) levels of the Devil hunter walkthrough. They are not having a single star on them, so you need to be quick and aim well and fast. They are yet incredibly easy.

Still need to pass 2 of them with 3 stars, but there are the general directions if you have troubles:

Devil hunter level 51
Devil hunter level 51

Level 51

This one looks easier than really done.

When you cut the left eye-chain, the blue devil should be in the exact position.

Later when the eye swings back left, you need to cut the other eye-chain at the correct moment, so the eye does not bounce.

If you do it in 7 seconds, you get 93 points and 3 stars.

Devil hunter level 52
Devil hunter level 52

Level 52

Very straight forward.

  1. Cut the bubble and blow it so the blue devil goes right.
  2. Repeat the same for the brown devil with the other bubble.
  3. Shoot bubble 4 up
  4. Blow the bubble so green devil goes left
  5. Repeat the same for bubble 6
  6. Blow the nurse devil right


Devil hunter level 53
Devil hunter level 53

Level 53

Method 1: Release all devils. It is very hard NOT to kill them all.

Method 2: Aim pumpkin devil and brown devil to fall without being touched by the rotating log.

Drop nurse devil on the log, so she hits the right wall and bounces over the spikes.

Drop blue devil in such fashion, that he only hits the log when the log points at 10 o'clock. This way he quickly bounces and falls over the spikes.

Done for 93 points = 3 stars.

Devil hunter level 54
Devil hunter level 54

Level 54

Another one that only looks easy.

Both Pumpkin and Browny don't rotate well and are hard to aim.

You think you drop them well, but they actually stop on the ground and stay too far from the bubbles.

The arrow point to the way they should bounce if you are lucky.

Still did not manage to do it for 3 stars.

Devil hunter level 55
Devil hunter level 55

Level 55

Surpisingly easy.

  1. Drop the bubble and use it to ...
  2. Blow the other bubble in right direction. It will kill both Nurse and Browny.
  3. When the spike is almost on the edge, blow the other devil so he is spiked.
  4. Blow the bubble. The spikes will bounce on the right wall and quickly go left.
  5. Get the Greeny up, so he is spiked too.



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    • profile image

      nathanel hornblower 5 years ago

      Top game , gutted when I finished it.

    • profile image

      angel 5 years ago

      This game is amazing