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Diablo 3: Class Guide

Updated on January 28, 2018
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Jeremy enjoys gaming when he's not studying forensics or working part-time at his college.

Diablo 3 logo
Diablo 3 logo

Diablo 3

If you're looking for a fun hack-and-slash role-playing game, give Blizzard's Diablo 3 a try. In this title (available on PlayStation 3 & 4, PC, and Xbox 360), players pick from one of several classes and proceed to beat the snot out of hoards of demons. Along the way, you collect equipment and learn new attacks, becoming a formidable demon slayer. And the game supports cooperative play, so feel free to bring some friends!

Plot, you ask? Let's just say we're here for the action, not the story. But which class should you pick for your character? Don't worry, today we'll review Diablo's six* classes so you know what to expect from each! When choosing your form, you can select your gender, but your character's appearance is locked (though your armor will change as you collect new equipment).


The Crusader class is only available to the expanded version of the game, titled Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. If you're playing an earlier version, there will only be five classes to choose from.

Male and female Barbarians
Male and female Barbarians


Personality: Honorable, blunt
Main Attribute: Strength
Suited for: Players who prefer brute force and melee combat

Veterans of the Diablo series will recognize the Barbarian, a meaty warrior who specializes in frontal assaults. Barbarians have many abilities that activate upon striking or killing enemies; they'll become stronger as combat continues. Additionally, they resist 30% of all damage, and are able to wield weapons that other characters can hardly lift. Barbarians are great for anyone who enjoys berserkers - they hit hard, take many blows before falling, and, despite their size, are surprisingly fast. To fuel their strongest attacks, barbarians expend "Fury", a resource that accumulates as you land hits. In conversations, you can expect blunt and honest dialogue from this class.

Barbarians are certainly formidable, and if you want to play as an old geexer, the male Barbarian is the character for you. Interestingly, the female version is notably younger (you'll get your day, granny).

Male and Female Witch Doctors
Male and Female Witch Doctors

Witch Doctor

Personality: Kind, spiritual
Main Attribute: Intelligence
Suited for: Players seeking a unique class that can disrupt enemies

Witch doctors are mystical combatants who summon various creatures to aid them in battle. These dark-skinned warriors also use hexes to damage and disrupt enemies. They also carry talismans and daggers to ravage foes. You'll use an energy called "Mana" to unleash your strongest attacks; Mana slowly regenerates as time passes, so spend it wisely. Additionally, Witch Doctors use the Poison element far more than other characters, and many of your techniques will reduce the attributes of your adversaries. Between your daggers, curses, and summons (including zombies!), your enemies face a versatile fighter.

Basically, if you want to be the one who runs up to the ultimate demon, Diablo, and throws a snake in his face (using the appropriately named "Snake to the Face" technique), the Witch Doctor is for you.

Male and female Monks
Male and female Monks


Personality: Dedicated, kind, blunt
Main Attribute: Dexterity
Suited for: Players who enjoy agile characters and healers

Believers in divine entities, Monks use their athletic bodies to deliver agile strikes. They've trained themselves to be lightning-fast, and often overcome challenges with sheer willpower. Besides their own limbs, Monks wield katar and daibo (punch-daggers and wooden rods) to decimate the forces of evil. They expend "Spirit" to activate their strongest techniques, which have a wide variety of effects. Some are devastating blows, others quickly move the Monk across the battlefield, and a few are healing techniques to restore life. Spirit recovers as a players lands hits; as long as you're dishing out the hurt, you'll rarely run out. Monks are appreciated as healers in cooperative play thanks to their rejuvenating moves, but their damage potential is also worthy of note.

If you want to play as a nimble combatant with a vaguely-Russian accent (especially when female), select the Monk as your class.

Male and female Wizards
Male and female Wizards


Personality: Confident, proud
Main Attribute: Intelligence
Suited for: Players who prefer to bombard adversaries from range

Characters who can utilize arcane energy for a variety of purposes are Wizards. Staves and orbs help these spell-casters channel magic and unleash powerful attacks. Wizards can freeze, burn, and even disintegrate enemies; these strikes often affect large areas, damaging multiple foes at once. For defense, protective shields can be conjured. Wizards fuel these abilities with arcane power, and since they are adept at manipulating this energy, it is rapidly regenerated. When playing this class, maintain a safe distance - your techniques can hit from afar, and you have little need to venture into close combat. Wizards aren't as hardy or agile as other characters, but their plethora of elemental magic will quickly decimate opposition.

If you seek a ranged combatant, or someone who clearly shampoos and conditions, the Wizard is for you.

Male and female Demon Hunters
Male and female Demon Hunters

Demon Hunter

Personality: Irritable, curt
Main Attribute: Dexterity
Suited for: Tactical, ranged players

The Demon Hunter's family was brutally butchered by Hellspawn; subsequently, the Hunter was trained by survivors as a weapon of vengeance. When playing as this class, you'll wield bows and crossbows to assault dark forces from afar. Additionally, your character will access a variety of technical moves - dodges to escape enemies, traps to ensnare them, etc. No worries, you still have some potent offense too. Demon Hunters are unique in that they utilize two resource pools to fuel their attacks: Hatred and Discipline. Both refill over time, but Hatred will replenish faster. With two energy sources, quick attacks, and clever techniques, Demon Hunters are tough to master but not to be underestimated.

If you don't want to spit a snake at Diablo's face, you can always rush him with your trusty ferret companion as a Demon Hunter.

Male and female Crusaders
Male and female Crusaders


Personality: Polite, noble
Main Attribute: Strength
Suited for: Players who enjoy tanking (damage absorbing) characters

Crusaders are righteous warriors who venture the land seeking to purge evil. Crusaders often travel in pairs, a master and an apprentice; the younger warrior will take the elder's name and weapons when they perish in battle. When you play as this class, you'll use swords, spears, flails, and shields to meet foes head-on. Crusaders have potent melee attacks, often used with a shield, and they also taunt to draw aggression away from allies. Thus, they work great when you play in groups - your Crusader can strike foes while withstanding the brunt of your enemies' assault, allowing your teammates to fight with less concern for defense. Your strongest moves are brandished by expending Wrath, a resource that gradually replenishes. It runs out fast, but your mighty armor should let you survive until it returns. If you favor defense-oriented and melee fighters, give this class a try.

Crusaders are definitely powerful, and if you want a male melee combatant who's not from the Triassic Period (looking at you, Barbarian), they've got you covered.

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Beating Diablo

Experiment, find the class that works best for you, and you'll be conquering demons before you know it. If you're ever stuck, this is a great game for "grinding" to level up before refacing the challenge. Let me know which class you favor, and I'll see you at our next review!

© 2015 Jeremy Gill


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