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The Best Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Skill Trees: Builds For Highest DPS And Great PvP

Updated on January 22, 2013

Demon Hunter in Diablo 3 is a class that uses ranged weapons and is the only class in the game that employs dual resources - Hatred and Discpline. This allows Demon Hunters to use more resource consuming abilities without worrying much about replenishing them. When creating a skill tree for your Demon Hunter you have to keep in mind both resources bars. The skill bar should contain Hatred creating and spending abilities as well as Discipline using abilities. When it comes to kiting enemies, the dual resource system can really come in handy. Demon Hunter has great both single target and AoE damage output but in comparison to other classes it lacks good and efficient defensive abilities so a survivalist Demon Hunter depends on kiting his enemies.To make things even more complicated, the Demon Hunter can employ various debuffs, use traps, evasive abilities and summon companions. If you want to be Jack of all the trades, choosing skills can get pretty complicated.

Please pay attention that these demon hunter builds are designed for a level 60 Demon Hunter. The efficient and useful Demon Hunter skill builds for you to try are:

  • Solo Demon Hunter Build
  • High DPS Single Target Demon Hunter Build
  • High DPS AoE Demon Hunter Build
  • Balanced PVP Demon Hunter Build

Solo Demon Hunter Build
Solo Demon Hunter Build

Solo Demon Hunter Build


Active Skills

  • Covering Fire (Evasive Fire)
  • Nether Tentacles (Elemental Arrow)
  • Tumble (Vault)
  • Scatter (Spike Trap)
  • Lingering Fog (Smoke Screen)
  • Battle Scars (Preparation)

Passive Skills

  • Tactical Advantage
  • Archery
  • Steady Aim

This build gives you high mobility to efficiently kite on Inferno level. This build is more about staying alive than doing high damage. Having big speed to run around while downing elites is the keystone of this build. Some defensive abilities such as Battle Scars are essential for soloing because it will give you heals and if you are soloing, you will be using this ability often.

High DPS Single Target Demon Hunter Build
High DPS Single Target Demon Hunter Build

High DPS Single Target Demon Hunter Build


Active Skills

  • Shatter Shot (Hungering Arrow)
  • Grievous Wounds (Impale)
  • Action Shot (Vault)
  • Death Toll (Marked For Dead)
  • Guardian Turret (Sentry)
  • Flying Strike (Rain Of Vengeance)

Passive Skills

  • Steady Aim
  • Vengeance
  • Archery

This build concentrates on dealing as much damage as possible while keeping in mind the dual resource system. The weakness of this build is really low survivability which is sacrificed for an impressive amount of damage. This build is best used when fighting in a group where other players can help you with the surviving. However, this is the best damage dealing build a Demon Hunter can have.

High DPS AoE Demon Hunter Build
High DPS AoE Demon Hunter Build

High DPS AoE Demon Hunter Build


Active Skills

  • Devouring Arrow (Hungering Arrow)
  • Lighting Bolts (Elemental Arrow)
  • Hooked Spines (Caltrops)
  • Volatile Explosives (Bola Shot)
  • Chain Of Torment (Sentry)
  • Withering Fire (Rapid Fire)

Passive Skills

  • Cull The Weak
  • Archery
  • Sharpshooter

Similar as high DPS single target build this build is meant for group play. It features a lot of damage skills that do impressive amount of damage on multiple targets. In addition there are slowing skills that are useful to keep the enemies together for the most effective AoE.However, the Demon Hunter must rely on group since this build is a bit weak on defenses.

Balanced PVP Demon Hunter Build
Balanced PVP Demon Hunter Build

Balanced PVP Demon Hunter Build


Active Skills

  • Cinder Arrow (Hungering Arrow)
  • Screaming Skull (Elemental Arrow)
  • Bounty Hunter (Entangling Shot)
  • Fan Of Daggers (Fan Of Knives)
  • Awareness (Impale)
  • Serpentine (Chakram)

Passive Skills

  • Cull The Weak
  • Thrill Of The Hunt
  • Steady Aim

The emphasis of this build is chasing enemies and luring them into your traps which are the key element of the Demon Hunter PVP play. The damage of this build is good but what is essential, the damage depends on projectiles that search for the enemy and never miss. These kind of attacks are must have in any PVP build. Overall this build is about slowing the enemy while keeping safe distance.


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