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The Best Diablo 3 Monk Builds

Updated on August 8, 2012

Monks are versatile when it comes to battle. Depending on their builds they can deal damage, be healers and even tank if their skill setup is right. The gameplay of the Monk in Diablo 3 depends on combos that are acquired by using Spirit (the Monks resource for dealing damage) generating abilities. When there are enough combos, the Monk can use more powerful attacks that consume Spirit. Each build should have at least one Spirit builder ability and one Spirit consuming ability. Mostly a well rounded build would have 0-2 Spirit building abilities, 1-4 abilities that cost 10-25 Spirit and 1-3 abilities which cost 50-75 Spirit. There are other ways how to build a monk character but this principle is optimal for a well rounded Monk that doesn't have to worry much about having too less or too much Spirit.

Please note that all builds are designed for a level 60 Monk. Here is a list of different fun and useful Monk skill builds for you to try:

  • High DPS Monk Build
  • Healer/Support Monk Build
  • Tank Monk Build
  • PVP Monk Build

High DPS Monk Build
High DPS Monk Build

High DPS Monk Build


Active Skills

  • Thunderclap (Fists Of Thunder)
  • Breaking Wave (Crippling Wave)
  • Blazing Wrath (Breath Of Heaven)
  • Cyclone (Sweeping Wind)
  • Sudden Assault (Seven-Sided Strike)
  • Overawe (Mantra Of Conviction)

Passive Skills

  • Guiding Light
  • Combination Strike
  • Transcendence

Any Monk damage dealer build should have Seven-Sided Strike because it is the best damage dealing abilty that the Monks have. Most of runes in this build are selected to increase damage. When summed up the damage boost is pretty impressive. However, unlike tank or healer Monk builds, this build offers very little survivability although it has Breath Of Heaven heal that might come in handy when the situation gets tough.

Healer/Support Monk Build
Healer/Support Monk Build

Healer/Support Monk Build


Active Skills

  • Quickening (Fists Of Thunder)
  • Safe Haven (Inner Sanctuary)
  • Circle Of Life (Breath Of Heaven)
  • Tranquility (Serenity)
  • Soothing Breeze (Cyclone Strike)
  • Boon Of Inspiration (Mantra Of Healing)

Passive Skills

  • Exalted Soul
  • Chant Of Resonance
  • Guiding Light

There is no real healer/support class in Diablo 3 and a Monk who uses this or similar build is the closest to such kind of character in the game. This build, however, still relies on going to melee range to actually attack enemies in order to heal. But since it is very effective on generating Spirit, monk can keep healing even on long and hard fights. This build is not really good for solo play but since it is the only way how any group could get a healer, you can easily progress as a group healer.

Tank Monk Build
Tank Monk Build

Tank Monk Build


Active Skills

  • Concussion (Crippling Wave)
  • Wall Of Wind (Cyclone Strike)
  • Blinding Speed (Dashing Strike)
  • Searing Light (Blinding Flash)
  • Peaceful Repose (Serenity)
  • Hard Target (Mantra Of Evasion)

Passive Skills

  • Resolve
  • Seize The Initiative
  • The Guardian's Path

The Monk that has this Tank build is extremely hard to hit because his damage mitigation skills are at their best. Most of attacks that are done against this Monk would be easily evaded whole skills such as Dashing Strike and Cyclone strike will take care that the enemy is under control. The damage output of this build is not too high though and the healing abilities are weak but overall this is a viable solo and group build.

Offensive PVP Monk Build
Offensive PVP Monk Build

PVP Monk Build


Active Skills

  • Concussion (Crippling Wave)
  • Spinning Flame Kick (Lashing Tail Kick)
  • Way Of The Falling Star (Dashing Strike)
  • Circle Of Scorn (Breath Of Heaven)
  • Eternal Ally (Mystic Ally)
  • Retaliation (Mantra Of Retribution)

Passive Skills

  • Beacon of Ytar
  • Combination Strike
  • Seize The Initiative

This build has a bit of different types of crowd control - stuns, knock-backs and a heal. The damage output of this build might not be as high as pure damage dealer Monk because of the additional crowd control but this build has plenty of damage dealing abilities and even an ally that does damage while your Monk himself is stunned by an enemy.


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