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The Best Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Builds

Updated on August 8, 2012

The Witch Doctor offers various different play styles.This hero uses three different skill types: Physical, Spirit and Command (which is also known as Summon). Depending on which skill build you choose, the Witch Doctor can deal great damage with either elemental spells, ranged physical abilities or let the summoned demons do the work for him. If you choose the right skills the minions also come in handy for solo play because they can tank so you wouldn't take that much damage. The Witch Doctor also has a lot of crowd controlling abilities that can be employed in battle.

Please note that all builds are designed for a level 60 Witch Doctor. Here is a list of different fun and useful Witch Doctor skill builds for you to try:

  • High DPS Sacrificing Witch Doctor Build
  • Zookeeper Witch Doctor Build
  • Witch Doctor Build Without Minions
  • Balanced PVP Witch Doctor Build

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Build : High DPS Sacrificing
Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Build : High DPS Sacrificing

High DPS Sacrificing Witch Doctor Build


Active Skills

  • Hungry Bats (Firebats)
  • Siphon (Soul Harvest)
  • Final Gift (Summon Zombies)
  • Pride (Sacrifice)
  • Devolution (Mass Confusion)
  • Rain Dance (Big Bad Voodoo)

Passive Skills

  • Spiritual Attunement
  • Gruesome Feast
  • Vision Quest

This is one of the most efficient Witch Doctor builds if you are looking for ultra high damage and decent survivability. The goal of this build is getting huge burst damage by sacrificing Zombie Dogs and getting them available for sacrificing as soon as possible in many different ways.. It is also made in order to preserve as much mana as possible. Although this build offers some means of surviving, it is far from best of it. This is a variation of the builds most endgame players use in hell mode.

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Build : Zookeeper
Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Build : Zookeeper

Zookeeper Witch Doctor Build


Active Skills:

  • Rabid Dogs (Summon Zombie Dogs)
  • Jinx (Hex)
  • Bruiser (Gargantuan)
  • Slam Dance (Big Bad Voodoo)
  • Legion Of Daggers (Fetish Army)
  • Jaunt (Spirit Walk)

Passive Skills

  • Zombie Handler
  • Spirit Vessel
  • Tribal Rites

The strength of this Witch Doctor build is the summoned minions. While Gargantuan and Zombie Dogs tank for you, the Big Bad Voodoo does great damage and Hex will turn them into chickens too. This build allows the Witch Doctor to relax quite a bit because his minions will do the job for him. The weakness of this build is high mana cost of the summoned creatures but if they have decent survivability there won't be much need to intensively use the summoning spells. This is a fun build to play and can help a solo Witch Doctor to survive in hell mode.

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Build: Build Without Minions
Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Build: Build Without Minions

Witch Doctor Build Without Minions


Active Skills

  • Spined Dart (Poison Dart)
  • Phantasm (Spirit Barrage)
  • Healing Journey (Spirit Walk)
  • Siphon (Soul Harvest)
  • Rain Of Corpses (Grasp Of The Dead)
  • Frightening Aspect (Horrify)

Passive Skills

  • Jungle Fortitude
  • Spirit Vessel
  • Spiritual Attunement

If you don't want to rely on minions while fighting then this Witch Doctor build without minions is worth looking at. This build requires intense gameplay because the Witch Doctor without minions really depends on kiting while using snares (which also do a big portion of overall damage) and DoTs (abilities that damage the target over time).

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Build: Balanced PVP
Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Build: Balanced PVP

Balanced PVP Witch Doctor Build


Active Skills

  • Hungry Bats (Firebats)
  • Searing Locusts (Locust Swarm)
  • Grasping Spirit (Haunt)
  • Unbreakable Grasp (Grasp Of The Dead)
  • Phobia (Horrify)
  • Fetish Ambush (Fetish Army)

Passive Skills

  • Pierce The Veil
  • Jungle Fortitude
  • Spiritual Attunement

This build allows to do good damage and almost all damage dealing abilities also incapacitate the enemy one way or another. This Witch Doctor build is like a bag full of nasty, dirty tricks. It has loads of DoT abilities, improved Grasp Of The Dead keeps the enemies at place while surprise Fetish attack does insane amount of burst damage.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      For those interested, check VodooX at

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I have been wanting to do a sacrifice build. I played around with using all of the runes that give % to spawn new dogs. A lot of times I can blow them up and get all 4 dogs back a couple of times.

      The problem seems to be when I run out of dogs I have huge cooldowns. I thought the passive Grave Injustice could cut that back, but now I need new equipment to increase me pickup radius.

    • Eranofu profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Europe

      I'm glad you liked the article, John. :))))

      The Zombie Dogs are both cute and terrifying at the same time. One of the best looking pets I have ever seen.

      And I went 'wooooot' when I saw Grasp Of The Dead for the first time. An area where hands reach out of the earth and grab ankles of your enemies... just too cool. :D

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 

      6 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      Excellent article, and I might have to give these a try when I get the game! I personally like the idea of a caster + pet class, which for some reason, I can't seem to get the hang of in WoW (Fine with Hunters, but terrible with Warlocks). Plus he's got some of the best summons I've seen in a video game!

      I was looking at some of the abilities around a month back, all the talent trees and such, and I think out of all the classes, the Witch Doctor has the most interesting and appealing. Mostly for the poisons and summons!

      Voted up, useful, interesting and liked on FB ^^


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