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Wizards, Witch Doctors, and Monks, Oh my! Blizzard releases the anticipated Diablo 3

Updated on May 30, 2014
The arrival of the game that took over ten years to develop.
The arrival of the game that took over ten years to develop. | Source

From the makers of StarCraft and World of Warcraft comes a video game that many players have waited for over ten years to see. Diablo III was released May 15, with an early release comes problems no one could've predicted. Diablo 3 is an action, role-playing game that is the third installment of the Diablo series. The game was available for purchase and download earlier this year but before it's release date in May, but the final patch couldn't be downloaded until midnight of the official release date. Prior to the release date, Blizzard had the Diablo 3 website running, adding new teasers, and class updates almost daily. This excited future players, but some now consider it false advertising.

The game consists of four levels and each level has four acts to beat. All players start off in "Normal", then once beaten move on to "Nightmare". This goes on through "Hell" and finally to "Inferno", which was supposed to be a level that no player could beat. For the first couple of months this was true, but after patch 1.0.2. many players beat Inferno in a couple of days.

Diablo 3

For those who attempted to logon the day it was released, they either had to wait ten minutes to get into the game or got an error code that wouldn't allow logging on. Assuming you were able to play the game, it was full of lag time and not up to the expectations that Blizzard had previously set. Developers released numerous patches in hopes of fixing the game and getting players back. Shortly after patch 1.0.4., many players quit because characters in the game had been hot fixed. Between the patches and the hot fixes, the game was unavailable for a short period of time. The little time players did have to play the game brought complaints flooding the general chat area. Many characters were considered overpowered in their skills, while some characters had been patched to the point where they were useless.

The wizard that used to be one of the best and most over-powered classes in the game was hot fixed during patch 1.0.4. This made the class unbearable to play for a lot of players. The character used to be able to rush through the acts and kill almost anything with little to no problem. Now the character could barely survive in Inferno.

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If the characters being hot fixed don't make the game unbearable, the pitiful excuse of the auction house did. Unlike Diablo 2 where players could craft items and make what they wanted to use, using runes and open socketed items, player now have to buy them on the auction house. Unless, they are one of the lucky few who find the usable and sellable items.

Overall, the game was a major let down for me. For those of us who waited years for this game to come out, it was not at all what Blizzard made us believe it would be. If the developers could find a way to merge Diablo 2 items with Diablo 3, the items would improve. The hot fixes, patches, and constant editing of characters are what make the game unbearable. Although the game is a work in progress, like most role-playing games, they still patch World of Warcraft every Tuesday. Patch 1.0.5. has made the game slightly more enjoyable by upping the drop rates and allowing players to decide how powerful they want the monsters to be with the new monster power system, but the characters still need a lot of work. Perhaps there will be in expansion in the following years that will add more characters and make the game more interesting.


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