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Diablo III Will it Survive?

Updated on February 19, 2013

Diablo III Love it or Hate it

Diablo III

Diablo III Love it or Hate it?

Well after the many years of waiting it’s here Diablo III… or is it? The server is down a lot stirring the players to complain enough it makes you want to shut your general chat off. Battlenet had a long time to create this old favorite game, but there are some definite areas lacking. The choices of professions are nice, and the addition of a female barbarian is a plus, since it always felt awkward playing Diablo as a male barbarian, or at least it did for me.

The new Diablo has security poor issues to deal with. Many people are just adding friends; random people they just meet with Real ID since there is no clear cut instructions on how to add friends, and what’s with choosing a character name and it never shows? That feature I totally hate is where just the battle net tag shows which pretty much defeats the ability of choosing a cool name for my character. Oh yes it does show the battle net tag name as playing your character name, but that’s kind of ass backwards. I think the main name should be your character name played by your Battle Net Tag.

Real ID is another feature that really needs some work done. I have said that for a very long time. Sure we make friends online but who really knows someone online, I’d much prefer they know my character name rather than my –real- name and email. Besides the security fact of what that could conjure, it beseeches me why you can’t turn it off if you use it and want to play another Battlenet game and be by yourself. That’s pretty impossible with Real ID, you get no alone time, no matter where you are you will be plagued with come help me, or play with me.

Diablo III is TOO dark in graphics in the New Tristram area of the world, some people play on laptops or maybe it’s just me, but I felt like I was blind for that play time. I couldn’t see a thing, but had to walk where I was allowed to. Got lost a lot!

What I do like is there is no set makeup of groups where you have to have a tank and healer, and the ability of taking on a profession as a wizard who also can be a healer… that rocks… and the choice of loyalty option was new and a nice addition. The resurrection system is awesome; no waiting on someone in your party just a click on the resurrection symbol and your alive, standing right where you were when you died.

The chat system, I would say it’s nice if I could see it. There is no font enlargement option like WOW has, and it is very hard to see. I asked the players how to increase it and they said get glasses. Love the comradely with online games, people are so friendly….Not. Finally they changed this and there is a font size option...hurray!

At this point in the game I am in Shadows of the Desert, and it is light enough to see yourself playing. The graphics are much better than WOW looking realistic and not cartoonish. I went to bed bleary eyed so I guess I liked it, they really need the other things changed soon, and I hope it’s not premature to say I think Diablo III will be around for awhile.

To be continued,

© Barbara Williams


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    • B. A. Williams profile image

      B. A. Williams 5 years ago from USA

      Lostin after a bit you get used to it, but I agree since I play on a laptop. They have some issues and for the time it took them to come out with it I am surprised. After getting out of New Tristam you might enjoy it more.

      Thanks for reading and I will be doing a continuation as I move on in the game.

      Gamesnepal sometimes they come out with offers hope you can buy it and check it out.

    • gamesnepal profile image

      gamesnepal 5 years ago from Kathmandu, Nepal

      I'm in a position which is "can't buy it".

    • LostInRevery profile image

      LostInRevery 5 years ago from Maine

      I have been a big WoW fan for years and looked forward to playing Diablo III. I have to admit that I have played a total of 6 minutes of it because the movement of your character drives me insane. They really should have used the same system as WoW being able to use the camera. Anyways, my husband and son are enjoying D3 immensely! I will wait a few weeks to try it again....maybe Blizzard will fix all the issues by then! LOL hopefully ;)