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Diablo III a Player's Opinion

Updated on May 24, 2013

Diablo III Opinion about the Game

Diablo III

Diablo III Opinion of the Game

Diablo III has proved itself another addictive mmorpg game where you have the choice to play alone or to play with friends. A big plus for Battlenet fans is you may make Battlenet ID friends rather than using Real ID which shows your personal information. Sometimes we make friends online, but aren’t so close that we want to give our email address to them. Hurray for this new system, and not only can we add them as our Diablo game friends, we can communicate with them while they play WOW.

Many guild members can stay in touch in both games this way, and I have been hearing very positive feedback about the new system.

Perks in Diablo III:

The first and main plus is you pay once for the game and then there is no monthly fee. Even playing WOW the expense per month isn’t that expensive, but a lot of people are multi-game players and try and keep the cost down playing games.

The storyline in Diablo III and the videos are very well done. You find small journals in the game and they are read by voice actors which are interesting. That is the first thing that impressed me being a game writer/creator. I can see now why it took so long to develop this game.

Most every player gets tired of the look of their gear, especially us female players. That is one downfall of WOW, though they have stepped it up some by allowing players to transmorg gear turning their new gear to look like the better looking old gear. Even then you’re stuck with one color, but Diablo III has a merchant that sells you dye, so you can change the color of your gear anytime you want to. I personally applaud the pink dye, well done. *smiles*

The quest system allows a player to do the quests repeatedly which is another perk since sometimes you have finished a quest and a friend hasn’t. Now you can go back and repeat the same quest with your friends, or just because you enjoyed doing it the first time.

Diablo III gold system rocks, the amount you get playing is awesome, but do be aware that repairs are also high, so build up your gold stash as much as possible.

Bosses in Diablo III are a challenge and that’s the fun of gaming, we can only hope they don’t nerf the bosses making it too easy.

Watch for the little gold guys that run away in the game since they sometimes drop legendary items and great amounts of gold. You have to hurry after them because they disappear quickly. So if you use Vent with your friends don’t be surprised at someone’s loud outburst, “Get the gold guy.”

Sometimes your friends are not online to help you kill crowds of monsters, which can be rather hard to do by yourself, but the nice aspect of Diablo III is you can use an NPC in the game that you also have have the ability to equip their inventory along with yours. Very well done, and quite a plus if you’re playing alone.

The Negatives:

This is just my opinion and I am sure there are many that would argue what I find a negative in Diablo III ...this is a personal opinion.

The first negative; is having to leave the game to go to the Auction House in Diablo III and the limitation of selling only ten items at a time. That, and not being able to mail friends items, but having to give them the things you think they can use personally is hard if they aren’t on when you are.

There are two skills, jewel crafting and blacksmithing, and both seem quite expensive to learn, and even after learning you still have to pay to create. It makes you wonder why you have the skill if you still have to pay to create something.

The insects in the game are deadly, no kidding get a swarm on you and there is little escaping especially for a Wizard, oh it can be done, but they are a good thing to be aware of.

Diablo III game player’s level 60 comes too fast, and I will be glad when they up it another ten levels... if they do.

The sound control during a video in the game would be nice if we had an option to turn the sound on when the videos play, since some of us play with the sound off during the fights. That can be so annoying the clashing of swords and screams… I personally play with the sound off. So if suddenly a video comes on and you want to hear it you can't access any sound control on the bottom bar through options, that just disappears.

Well Done Diablo III:

I certainly can see why it took so long to create this game, but do hope they add more to it soon, so people don’t become bored doing the same thing over and over.

Kudos to Battlenet… another successful game.

Written and © B. A. Williams

All Rights Reserved


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    • B. A. Williams profile image

      B. A. Williams 5 years ago from USA

      See it is fun, glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for commenting!

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      one of my youth groups got me to play. then they would manage to find me and have some fun. :)