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Diablo 3 Currency Based AH

Updated on January 11, 2013

Have you ever thought about if it would be ever feasible to play a game to offset living expenses?

Blizzard is ready to try and do that experiment, with its currency based auction house in the world of diablo 3. Unlike freemium MMOs blizzard will not be directly selling items, instead, only players can provide the items for sale.

Everytime they list items on the Auction House Blizzard will take a few cents to a dollar off the transaction. It may be very possible to make a slight side income from diablo 3!

Here is how it looks like


The auction house has been up for a while and it's already been a few months!

Even so, there are still people in the game. There are also some incredibly huge trades going on, like 2 billion to 3 billion gold for high dps 2 soc manticores to well rolled echoing furies to perfect IK gloves. There are plenty of $250 trades on the RMAH, though not as much as before back in the Halcyon days of May release. On the forums, some of these trades have been referred to as the Dual Wielding of Credit Cards, which is quite funny!

Prices seem to have come down a bit from the removal of pvp team versus announcements that is replaced with 1 v 1 pvp. Gold prices in the game are now hovering about last transactions of .25 dollars to gold.

Possible translation of wow skills into D3 and challenges

(in my very humble opinion)

Price brackets:

In world of warcraft there were two periods of intense inflation. One was during the Burning Crusade period where there was a sharp devaluation in the value of WoW gold and the other more recently where the gold cap was ramped up to 1 million.

While the Burning Crusade inflation actually made it easier to hit the gold cap, the Cataclysm inflations had a rather different impact. Despite having epic items scale up accordingly in price in the multiples of 5 digits and 6 digits, to churn out the same equivalent value of goods you would have to start using certain particular trade professions that have a comparative advantage in your particular server as well as heavier use of add-ons to automate tasks like milling and listing and even just sorting and collecting gold from the mailboxes.

In Diablo 3 however at least for the start, Blizzard will be banning all forms of add-ons as well as modifications. This actually allows people with lesser hardware or less inclination to know the ins and outs of say Auctionator or Enchantrix to make their impact on the markets.

There will also be another bracket created by the bi-market existence of a gold AH and a real currency AH. As the real currency AH has real listing fees currently at 0.65cents it sets itself up for a natural floor for prices. Chances are, the small items and less desirable but still useful items will make their way mainly on the gold ah, where the listing fees would be in gold but the real currency AH would have a different assortment of stuff to be sold. This would give rise to arbitrage opportunities.


While many people remember finding people who mine or use other gathering professions just to sell in bulk to WoW AH players, this might change when we see Diablo 3 come out. Casual farmers and perhaps even dedicated gold farmers might prefer to use the Blizzard real currency AH as their preferred clearing house. More work and effort would then need to be done to see if there can be any niche opportunities for sourcing key ingredients or the Diablo 3 equivalent of commodities.

News Update:

From the recent Q&A on 1 Dec 2011

The Current Beta test fees are set at:

Q. What are the auction house fees?
During the Diablo III closed beta test, the Seller will incur a 0.15 Beta Buck listing fee and a 0.65 Beta Buck fee per successful transaction in the currency-based auction house. These numbers are not final and are for testing purposes only; they're subject to change.

We might see a diablo armory like the wow armory in the future

Q. Will I be able to access the auction house with a mobile device or through a Web interface?
No, during the beta test the auction house will only be accessible through the game client.

No Auctioneer, Auctionator or Enchantrix for now it seems

Q. Will players be able to use mods to "snipe" my auctions out from under me?
Diablo III does not support mods and they are strictly prohibited.

Q&A Data is obtained from the official blizzard diablo web page.


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