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Diamond Digger Saga for Android: Tips and Tricks

Updated on December 18, 2014
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Diamond Digger Saga is not your average match-3 puzzler. The game’s fun to play and will keep you glued to your seats for hours. The overall setup and gameplay features add a new twist to traditional match-3 puzzle games. Instead of swapping objects, you will be clicking on groups of shiny trinkets to guide the water to the exit point. The “water” feature adds a new dimension to the game. You can make a way for the water to wake up fireflies or reach new depths.

Most levels after the first 20 levels are too complicated. You may need to replay a level multiple times in order to complete it. You can purchase boosters or follow these basic tips to complete levels. But before doing anything, do check out gameplay rules and hints:

Game Rules

  • Click on a group of same colored gems to remove ground blocks under them. Do keep in mind that you score points only when you remove gems over ground blocks. Removing groups of gems over water won’t earn you any points.
  • Click on gems over ground blocks to destroy them and make way for the water to reach the exit. Once the water reaches the exit point, it will reach a new room. Reaching a new room or “depth” will earn you 2 extra moves.
  • Fireflies wake up only when water reaches their rooms or blocks. So make sure you remove ground blocks to carve a path for the water to flow into their rooms.
  • Collect toys by clicking on groups of gems around shaky aqua-colored blocks. Removing rocky ground blocks requires matching more than one group of gems. This means you will have to click on groups of gems around these rocky blocks twice before you can completely remove them.
  • Removing a group of gems around striped ground blocks will earn you extra points, which can really boost your score. The deeper you reach, the more treasures and extra trinkets you will discover.
  • In lock and key levels, you will need to make way for the water to reach the key to unlock the exit. Once unlocked, you will need to remove obstacles to let the water reach the exit door.

Tips to Earn More Points in Few Moves

In almost all Diamond Digger Saga levels, you will need to score points before running out of moves. Many levels will have multiple objectives, including scoring “X” points, and all must be completed within a given number of moves. Here are some simple tips that may help you remove maximum ground blocks and score more points in few moves:

Click on large chunks of gems over ground blocks to get max points in one move. Take your time to identify large groups of gems.

Don’t forget to click on gems over striped ground blocks (treasure blocks). You can receive bonus 100-1000 points.

In some levels, the final room mostly turns out to be a bonus room. This room may contain golden striped blocks containing 1000 points or a group of large gems. Clicking on a single large gem along with other same colored gems will earn you 200-500 points. If you don’t find enough rewarding matches in most rooms, then quickly guide the water to the exit doors until you reach the final room.

How to Wake Up Fireflies with Water: Easy Steps

Most “Firefly” levels in Diamond Digger Saga have multiple objectives (example: wake up 3 fireflies with water and earn 1000 points, wake up 1 firefly and earn one star etc.). This task can be completed within the given set of moves easily. Here’s how it can be done:

1. Look for chunks of gems near the entry point. Next, find the closest path of ground blocks between the water and the sleeping firefly. Now remove the gems near the entry point and the closest path to help the water reach the sleeping firefly’s lair.

2. Save the “Color Burst” powerup (unlocks after level 5) for rooms with fewer matches. You can also use this powerup when you have few moves. This is one of the free powerups that can be used as many times as possible. However, the color burst bubble needs to be refilled by matching groups of gems. The bigger the match, the quicker it will fill up. Once completely filled, click on the bubble and click on a gem to destroy all gems of the same color.

3. In some levels, there will be line blasts (rockets) strategically placed on each room. These line blasts are color-coded and can only be activated if nearby groups of gems have the same color. Just click on the color-coded rockets to clear a line and make way for the water to reach its destination quicker.

4. Save boosters and gold bars for harder levels. You get 50 free gold bars. They are used to buy extra lives or moves. You get 1-2 boosters for free (later you may have to spend real money to buy them).

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