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Dice Horse Racing Game

Updated on August 7, 2014

Are you finding it harder to communicate with your children because of technology? Are their heads always buried into a device when you try to talk to them? Is family time being replaced by Facebook, YouTube, video games, and surfing the web? I have a very simple and easy game to play together as a family that might give you some extra family time. I call it dice horse racing.

All you need for this game is 5 dice, a piece of paper or cardboard, and a pen or marker. You will also need 6 game pieces preferably different colors or shapes. The first thing you are going to do is to draw your race track. You need an oval track with six separate lanes. Each lane should have 20 spaces around the track. You can spend as much time on this as you want to make a spectacular race track or you can do the very basic. Once you have your track drawn, 5 dice, and 6 game pieces you are ready to play.


You put one game piece in each lane at the starting line. Each player will choose their horse and lane assignment. Lane assignment can be assigned by just picking a lane or rolling die to assign each lane. If I roll a 2 then my horse will be assigned to lane 2.

Now we are ready to start the game. You roll one die to see who goes first and then you pass the dice clockwise throughout the game. The player will roll all 5 dice on their turn. The dice will decide the movement of each horse. For every 1 that is rolled the horse in lane 1 will move forward one space. Every 2 that is rolled the horse in lane 2 will move forward a space and so on. Example; if the roll comes out 1,2,2,4,5 then the one horse moves 1 space, the two horse moves 2 spaces, the three horse does not move, four horse moves 1 space and the five horse moves one space while the six horse does not move. You will continue the process until one of the horse crosses the finish line. That horse will be the winner.

Now this is a very simple game and anyone can add their own version by using a different amount of dice, using different amount of spaces on their track, or change the amount of times you have to go around the track. You can also make it a car racing game by using cars as pieces, track and field game by using runners instead of horses. It is a easy and cheap game to use with family and friends to entertain and spend time together. I hope you enjoy it.


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