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Die Rise 'Mad About Power' Achievement, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on May 20, 2015

In order to earn the 'Mad About Power' achievement in Die Rise you must make it to round 10 without turning on the power. The easiest and quickest method for accomplishing this achievement requires 4 players that are willing to work together and follow these easy steps. The embedded video below will demonstrate how to use this strategy to receive the 'Mad about Power' Achievement.


The Setup

At the end of Round 1 drop down the elevator shaft that leads to the AN-94 room. If all players grab a part in the first two rooms you can build and bring the Trampo Steam with you. Drop down from the Trampo Steam Building Station to the Upside Down Building to get to the elevator shaft. Once in the elevator shaft build up your points until you have a least 1200. Buy the AN-94 as soon as you have the 1200 points. It is important that:

  • Players accumulate points evenly so everyone can have the AN-94.
  • You do not clear the couch that blocks the far entrance.
  • All players are willing to stay in this room until the end of round 9


The Strategy

It is never a good idea to have 4 players in a small area moving randomly. A tactical approach will not only help get the achievement, but will increase the chance of doing so without players going down in the process.

There are four zombie entry points in the AN-94 room. The first entry point is the same hole in which you made your own entry into the room. The window beside that hole is the second entry point. The third and Forth are on the opposite side of the room. One is a hole in the wall beside the couch and the second is the window directly across from the hole.

One player should be watching the window by the couch. A second player will be directly behind him watching the hole in the wall. Since the other two entry points are at the end of a small walkway, the other two players can stand together and guard these entry points. The majority of the Zombies will be entering from this small walkway.

Players should be prepared to offer cover fire or clear an area if it is over-ran. Communication is key for a quick response to a sudden threat.

Creature Round

How you choose to handle the creature round will depend on the goal of your team. When I did this achievement it was for the sole purpose of completing the achievement. We organized a firing squad near the couch and shot shot the creatures as they advanced. However, if you want the free perk you should build the Trampo Steam before you enter this area. You can then set the Trampo Steam up to block off an entire corner.

Die Rise 'Mad Without Power' Achievement


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      Edward D. Saterstad 5 years ago from PA

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      torrilynn 5 years ago


      thanks for sharing this article

      I learned a lot about Black Ops 2

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