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Diecast Miniature - Model Scale of Vehicles, Airplanes, and Ship

Updated on March 31, 2016

There are 3 models and 6 scales of diecast miniature. Diecast is hobby about collecting replica or miniature model. The diecast model is Vehicles, Airplanes, and Ships model. Miniature is replica of the original which made accurate and precisely with diecast scales: 1:10, 1:12, 1:18, 1:36, 1:43 and 1:87 scale. Diecast usually has two types: diecast model and model vehicle kits.

Diecast Model: Vehicle, Airplane, and Ship

Before you starting your diecast miniature hobby, diecast can be classified into three models: Vehicles, Airplane, and Ship Miniature. The three model is the top and best hunting by all collectors around the world.

Nice Truck Diecast
Nice Truck Diecast | Source

Vehicles Diecast miniature has six models:

  • Cars
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Heavy construction equipment
  • Military
  • Motorbikes
  • Trucks

Vintage Aircraft Diecast
Vintage Aircraft Diecast | Source
USS Missouri Battle Sip Diecast
USS Missouri Battle Sip Diecast | Source

Airplane diecast miniature has four models:

  • Commercial airplane,
  • Jet airplane,
  • Vintage airplane, and
  • Fighter airplane.

Ships diecast miniature has five models:

  • Civil war ship
  • World War I ship
  • World War II ship
  • Modern naval ship
  • Commercial ship

How to Start Diecast Miniature Hobby?

If you are a beginner, you will be confused because there are many brand, model, and size of miniature diecast. It is better you consider some tips like the size, display case, and money. Some of diecast is expensive one. Diecast is like investment; today you bought it with cheap prize, some years latter it will be a valuable collection with high price. So, here some tips before you start your diecast hobby.

Tip: Best Scale, Model, and Brand

There are many scale of diecast and you need to consider three type of scale: 1:36, 1:34, and 1:87. The tips for you: the bigger the scale is the detail and precision will better and accurate. The scale most lovely is the 1:43 and is called the collector’s scale. Of course you need more money and bigger place to store your collection.

Good beginner collectors tend to start with 1:43 scale and focus on particular model or brand. Example, you are fans of racing cars, it is better you focus on this type. In other way, if you are big fans of some brand, example, you are lover of Rolls Royces, you can start collecting only Roll Royces models. Other example, maybe you like military vehicles like jeep, you can focus collecting jeep, might be with some scale, from different brand, but all of about Jeep. It means someday you can be said as Jeep diecast collectors.

Tip: Interaction with Others Collectors

Become member of diecast club or group will gave you many advantages like sharing information, hunting old collection, exchanging collection, and more. You can join the internet discussion, event or exhibition, and many more.

Tip: Blister and Loose

Some collectors would not open the diecast package (blister) in purpose to keep the authentication. But other collectors will open the package (loose) and able to touch and observe his collection from many view. It is depend on you to decide either blister or loose your diecast collection. The tip is diecast in box (blister) is more higher value and best price when you sold it.

Tips: Storage and Care

You need to consider good room to store and care your collection. Direct sunlight is bad for your diecast and it package. It color will be fade if you allow it exposed for long term sunlight. Temperature and humidity also need to consider. Hot temperature will cause sweat. Do not put your collection near to kitchen. Smoke can make discoloration of your diecast.

Bicycle miniature from Indonesia
Bicycle miniature from Indonesia

Good Reading About Collection Hobby

Here some of good writing about perfect miniature guitar, eccentric bottle opener, and legendary pedicab from Siantar. Nice info for you.


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    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I've been looking at getting into 1/400 diecast airlines myself. Thanks for the tips. Voting this Up and Interesting.