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Digimon: How to beat Joy-max part 1

Updated on September 1, 2016


Getting started and earning money fast

Digimon masters online is a fun and interesting game, to get started you have to set up a account with Joymax by using your email, once you have set up your account, your I.D and password, you can download the game from Joymax, link is included below.

Digimon masters online needs full internet access to run, once your game has downloaded you can enter it by using your I.D and password, it will redirect you back to Joymax and to a user agreement to tell you the rules of the game once you have read it you click agree and you are ready to play.

After getting into the game there are five servers you can choose from, choose anyone it does not matter, the game is the same in all servers, then after choosing a sever you will get to choose a character, there are four characters to choose from but only one is a girl. Marcus, Yoshino, Keenan and Thomas.

You will get to name your character and then you get to choose your starter Digimon which is also a choice between four Digimon Agumon which is a reptile Digimon that has fire attacks, Lalamon which is a plant Digimon with earth attacks, Goamon which is a beast type Digimon with wind attacks and Falcomon which is a bird type Digimon with wind attacks.

I would recommend staring with Agumon because he is the easiest to play with. After you name your Digimon the game begins.

You will have to do missions, people with icons over their heads are people that have missions for you. doing missions is a easy way to earn money and level up.

Once you have completed the missions in the town you will have two Digimon, they teach you how to hatch a Kunemon use both your weak level Digimon to fight Keramon, that Digimon will give you cracked eggs worth 300 bits each.

This is a good way to get money in the start and there is a high chance that you will get a hatch able Keramon eggs and devil data.

You can sell these to other players by trading with them or setting up your own personal shop, the personal shop licence lasts for 7 days then you have to buy a new one, if you get stuck don't be afraid to talk to people and explore.

There are three types of quests : daily quests that will reoccur every day, main quests that will help you progress in the game and sub-quests that are there to give you some fun and challenge. Do as many quests as you can because it gives you good money and experience.

Dexdorugoramon final evolve
Dexdorugoramon final evolve | Source

Levelling up your Digimon and Character

Although you and your Digimon start on the same level, your Digimon will level up faster than you will. At first it will be easier to level up your Digimon by fighting other Digimon but later in the game it will be easier to level up by doing quests. Digimon's get their first evolve at level 11 then their second evolve at level 25 and their third evolve at level 41 after this if they have a fourth evolve they will need an item to unlock the evolve such as a toy gun or omega spear, this will unlock their burst evolve.

Your character levels up slower because what fun would it be if you were already level 99 and you have only one Digimon that's level 99 with you. You can collect Digimon and you have to train all of them separately although your character never changes so its logical that your character would level up slower then your Digimon.

From Royal Gaurds guild
From Royal Gaurds guild | Source

Training hot spots

Level 1 to 25

Fighting in the town is a good place to start training by fighting Keramon and you can earn money at the sometime. At level 25 you will have your second evolve and you can move on to the western village, you should be more than capable to handle all the quests given there.

Level 25 to 35

Do all the quest you can in the western village area and explore and check what you can handle.

Level 35 to 46

Go to the oil factory area and go to the 3rd map you will find Dexdoromon, a Digimon that looks like a dragon. He gives good experience and if you have any experience boosters then you will level up fast, you can battle Dexdoromon when reaching level 26 to 30 though it will be slightly harder

Level 46 to 99

Doing quests in file island and fighting the Digimon on file island

Quick note: Only go to the village of beginning when you are level 46 if you go at any level below this you will not be able to do the quests and you would've wasted 20M

Best ways to hatch eggs and collecting data

Let me just make this clear before I start there is no easy way to hatch any Digi-egg, it is all about luck.

You can get a hatchable Digiegg from fighting the corresponding Digimon, for example if you want a Gatomon egg then you have to fight a Gatomon to get it. In general it is very hard to hatch a Digiegg, you will learn that a 3/5 Digiegg is the weakest form of the Digimon so naturally you try for a higher class of Digimon, this takes patience and persistence.

If you want to hatch a 3/5 Digimon it will take an average amount of 50 Digi-eggs to achieve, to hatch a 4/5 Digimon it will take 100 Digi-eggs for there to be a chance of success, to hatch a 5/5 Digimon it will take 200 Digi-eggs to have a chance at success. A 5/5 Digimon is the biggest and strongest form of that Digimon and is very hard to get.

You can also buy eggs from other players, players sell 3/5 to 5/5 Digi-eggs for a high price but then you have a guarantee that that Digiegg will make it to 3/5 or higher, you can also get Digiegg backups that will prevent your egg from breaking in the incubator. the Digiegg backups are hard to find and players sell them at a high price.

I believe as a Digimon master online player that it is more worth it to buy an egg that you know will hatch than spending a week collecting the Digimon eggs that you want and all the data needed to hatch it and have it not work. I personally have tried to hatch a black Gatomon I've had over 30 eggs and they all broke on me if I had sold all the Digi-eggs and all the data I used I could've had enough to buy a 3/5 Digiegg, and I would have my Digimon. Take my advice don't be inpatient just wait any you will get the Digimon you want and you will properly have a lot of money as well.


Every month there is new events, taking place in these events can earn you some nice useful things, which you would have bought with your money.

The event items range from special Data to Mystery boxes that can contain any bought items from a selected list of Items like Shops, inventory slots, hatch back ups and allot more, for instance this month if collect a special coin every day for 20 days, 2 hours a day you can then exchange that 20 coins for a mystery mercenary egg (one that can't fail)

Some items are character bound and has a time limit to use, these are items only you as the player can use, though at times you will get items that isn't character bound which you can sell for a good price, though to get the most out of it, is to wait till the next month this is when the event past and thus you can ask allot more for that item.

The more money you make the more items you can buy from other players, items that would have costed a real currency.

Cheat bots

Many online games have cheats, a cheat bot, i am sure everyone knows of this, yet we will warn you using this on Digimon wont be the smartest move, this bot needs to be updated every month and while at times it work it mostly wont, your also at the risk for being banned, not only from your account but your I.P as well so you will never be able to play on that connection again or on that account.

Beside this is a game and as any real gamer you don't cheat to get what you want.

More to come

This will do for a short intro guide for now, if we had to write an entire guide it would have been several thousand words long, so instead of that we will be doing this in parts to get the most out of it and to find your content easy with out scrolling like a mad person.

We hope you enjoyed this and that it was helpful in any kind of way.

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© 2014 Phillip Grobler


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