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Digital Warfare: Electronic Arts Crysis 2 Review

Updated on September 25, 2011

Electronic Arts Crysis 2

Electronic Arts Crysis 2 Xbox Edition
Electronic Arts Crysis 2 Xbox Edition
Electronic Arts Crysis 2 PlayStation Edition
Electronic Arts Crysis 2 PlayStation Edition
Electronic Arts Crysis 2 PC edition
Electronic Arts Crysis 2 PC edition

Electronic Arts Crysis 2

Crysis 2 has one of the most intense and absorbing storyline in similar genres. The plot for Crysis 2 was written by Richard Morgan (Peter Watts made some suggestions and later wrote a novel on the game). Crysis 2 is based on Crytek’s game engine, CryEngine. The game is designed by Crytek and produced and published by Electronic Arts. Crysis 2 is compatible on all gaming platforms be it XBox 360, a PlayStation or your Personal Computer. You can enhance the already superb gameplay if you use a Logitech Gaming keyboard or a Razer Deathadder Gaming mouse with your PC or the 10-mode game controller for XBox.

Crysis 2 is also designed to work perfectly on 3D Displays and PlayStation Motion Sensor instruments, PlayStation Move and PlayStation Sharp Shooter.

Crysis 2 is the story of a Force Recon Marine, Alcatraz and the various battles he had to fight to restore peace to America after an Alien assault. To me Crysis 2 appeared to be the story of a special suit, Nanosuit more than Alcatraz. Throughout the play important twists come across the plot just because of this suit. And in many ways the Nanosuit is the most important hero in Crysis 2. The Nanosuit performs myriad tasks that appear to be close to impossible for any regular human being. The Nanosuit is also responsible for rescuing and helping Alcatraz recover from his mortal wounds. It protects him and gives him the strength and superhumanly powers to fight his way to the next levels. Alcatraz in his Nanosuit wanders through the ruined and plagued New York City and tries to save Manhattan from a nuclear holocaust.

Crysis 2 has very rich graphics and High Definition gameplay that needs a high performance system configuration however the game can customize it to lower resolutions if your system configuration is a bit inferior to what it needs.

Crysis 2 also supports multiplayer gaming and has developed special environment for multiplayer gaming. All the players in a multiplayer game will have the power of a Nanosuit. The Multiplayer plot is largely about the Nanosuit wearing players fighting against the CELL (Crynet Enforcement and Local Logistics). Multiplayer Crysis 2 has 12 maps that are designed to enable the players to make full use of their Nanosuits. All these maps are wonderful recreation of New York City.

I feel more comfortable and more independent while playing solo but there are many people who will love the multiplayer feature of Crysis 2. Within a year of its release Crysis 2 has sold more than 3 million copies.

Electronic Arts Crysis 2 Graphics Gameplay

Electronic Arts Crysis 2 Graphics and Gameplay
Electronic Arts Crysis 2 Graphics and Gameplay


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    • sushantkshr profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thankx for the UP thranax.....:)

      In the past few days i have spent thousands of $s on games and equipments.....sadly though i cant fit all of them in my life...;( i wish there were more hours in a day...:|

    • thranax profile image


      7 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      It almost makes me want an Xbox! I know if I get another console though I wont play it enough to be worth the price...helpful review!



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